5/10 As The Daily Wire continues to expand into the realm of film making, I thought it was time to take a look at their latest movie, which sees a return for Gina Carano, who was wrongfully fired from “The Mandalorian” due to the woke executives at Disney. Disney will easily endorse degeneracy while simultaneously clutching their pearls when they come across someone with a differing set of beliefs as them. Disney’s stupidity aside, “Terror on the Prairie” is a noble effort but ends up as a mixed bag…or mixed satchel in this case. The story is simple yet effective as a frontier woman with the last name of McAllister must protect her children and home from dangerous outsiders. Think “Home Alone” but with less booby traps and more scalping. This tale of survival is effective in bringing thrills and emotion but several individual moments of stupidity bring the movie down a peg. As for what works besides the simple story, the movie is beautifully shot, showcasing the beauty of Montana heading into winter time. The movie has some gritty violence that was neither cheesy nor over the top, with just the right amount to not become gratuitous. You do feel for these characters and get a real sense of danger as you put yourself in Hattie’s (Carano) shoes. The pacing works well since the movie is just over an hour and 40 minutes long. Despite Carano being a woman of few words in the movie, she does have a strong screen presence about her. That being said, there are several problems to address here. Most of the problems fall upon the script with multiple examples of characters doing insanely stupid things, as if they were in a horror movie. When Hattie’s husband, who has gone into town, realizes something is wrong and comes back to find his wife in the hands of the antagonists, instead of wisely waiting or trying to pick off the bad guys one at a time, he literally jumps into the fray, blowing his cover and any element of surprise which ends up as poorly for him as you’d expect. A while late, while he and Hattie are in the barn next to their house in a shoot out, he has two targets to shoot at. One is a man hiding behind a well, while the other is the main villain known as The Captain (Nick Searcy). The Captain is standing right out in the open, taking no cover or concealment. Instead of firing at the easy target right out in the open and directly in front of him, Jeb (Donald Cerrone) decides to waste ammunition on the man almost completely hidden behind the well, a horribly stupid decision. Despite being a sharp shooter, Jeb apparently never taught his wife how to shoot as Hattie has the aim of a drunken man trying to urinate into a toilet. She must have gotten some shooting advice from some Storm Troopers while filming “The Mandalorian” due to how awful of a shot she is. There are also little “blink and you’ll miss it” moments like the man whose arm has been shot and then burned who is pulling horses with both arms (it would extremely painful to pull with his injured arm yet he doesn’t so much as wince while doing this). The beginning of the movie sees a rattle snake coming for Hattie’s baby, but the weather is far too cold for rattle snakes to be out and above ground during this time of year. Finally, The Captain takes the cliché role of spouting Bible verses to justify his evil, murderous behavior. While this is cliché and has been done in a bunch of other movies before (“Django Unchained” comes to mind), I wouldn’t have minded so much except for the fact that he is a total hypocrite. While he uses the Word of God to justify his evil deeds, he then blasphemously remarks how neither the Devil nor God himself could stop him from taking his revenge and then later after being told that “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”, he complains that the Lord takes too long. His rationale to use God’s word to justify his actions while simultaneously disobeying and discarding the Word of God when convenient for him made his character feel inconsistent and hollow. That being said, the good and bad cancel each other out, leaving us with a pretty mediocre movie. While I commend The Daily Wire for continuing to create some non-woke entertainment that wants to tell stories instead of pushing far left propaganda, they are going to need some better screenplays if they want to compete with some of the Hollywood elite.
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