7/10 I re-watched 2015’s “Minions” in anticipation for this China Virus delayed sequel and while the original made my Top 10 Worst Films of 2015 list, this sequel was a pleasant surprise that greatly surpasses the original, even if it isn’t as strong as the first two “Despicable Me” films (this is easily better than the third one though). Even though I didn’t see this film opening weekend, when I went dressed in one of my nicest suits, I was happy to see some kids who looked like 6th graders all wearing suits and a couple of females in Minion outfits and one even dressed as a banana. After years of theaters being closed or greatly underperforming, to see a crowded theater with a third of the theater dressed up made my film loving heart very happy. While some theaters have had people starting trouble, having mosh pits at the bottom of the theater right in front of the screen and police officers having to be called, I was lucky that my theater was well behaved and respectful. Where the first “Minions” was light on story and extremely disposable, this sequel feels like the film makers took a lot more time in coming up with the story, while simultaneously connecting the film to the main “Despicable Me” franchise without cramming in too many call backs. Before I get into all of the other positives, I will get the negatives out of the way first. While this is a film aimed at and for kids, this is still a completely ridiculous film. There isn’t one believable moment in the film. While some animated films are over the top, they at least try to ground themselves in some reality without defying every law known to man. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” doesn’t even try as a million impossible moments/situations take place from start to finish. Knowing that going in is a good thing, but it doesn’t erase how ridiculous the film is. There are almost too many subplots going on at the same time for a film that is only an hour and a half. We get what is going on with Gru, what’s going on with the Minions, what’s happening with the villains, a Gru/villain team up, an entire kung fu training subplot, etc. The film feels a bit manic with how it jumps around so quickly that you’ll experience some whiplash. Finally, there are a few predictable moments, with the plot not breaking any new ground. That being said, there are still several elements to really enjoy with the film. First and foremost, the film pushes no political or woke agenda and simply aims to entertain a wide audience, which is certainly does. While the film jumps around a little too much in a short amount of time, the benefit is that you’ll never grow bored as something entertaining is always going on. As I re-watched the first “Minions” I actually picked up on a surprising amount of adult humor, which always feels creepy to put into a kids movie. This sequel wisely ditches all of that. There are some genuinely funny and clever moments in this film, which is increasingly rarer in kids movies today. The voice cast is perfect and the soundtrack is as upbeat as you’d expect it to be. While kids will certainly enjoy it, there are enough 1970s references to music and film for adults to enjoy as well. Overall, the film breaks no new ground but in an animated landscape where Disney is increasingly becoming woke and pushing a radical agenda over quality entertainment, this ends up being a breath of fresh air. So put on your finest suit, grab a bunch of bananas and turn off your brain so you can enjoy a fast paced, entertaining and fun film going experience.

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