7.5/10 A French film based upon the true story of the construction of the Eiffel Tower, the engineer who oversaw its completion (Gustave Eiffel) and the woman who inspired him. “Eiffel” does a great job of balancing the historical events, the hardships faced to make the tower a reality, flashbacks and the central, heartbreaking love story at the center of it all. Before I get into why this underrated film is worth checking out (don’t believe the “critics” at Rotten Opinions), I will get the few negatives out of the way first. Despite the love story anchoring the film and being well developed, it is rather disappointing (although not surprising) that it was completely fictional and only added to the film to check the “romance” box on the list of things to include in the film to draw audiences in. Some of the plot is a little familiar and other historical changes were made to make the film more accessible to a wider audience. While I understand these decisions, they do disappoint me on some level. That being said, even those flaws didn’t make me dislike the film as I found myself pleasantly surprised by it. The production and costume designs expertly recreate the time period, leading up to the 1889 World’s Fair. While CGI is utilized, it is done fairly seamlessly so the entire look of the film is spot on. Oscar winning composer Alexandre Desplat provides a beautiful and moving score and seeing as he is probably the best French film composer working in Hollywood, this was a perfect match. The acting is fantastic and the cast is full of many talented (and often bilingual) performers. As someone who enjoys history, I learned a lot about the Eiffel Tower and what lead up to its creation, how difficult it was to build, the backlash the builders faced, etc. Even the engineering aspect of its creation blew me away at how they were able to construct such a complicated building safely well over a century ago and still have it remain safe all this time later. It is easy to see why tourists from all over the world still make it a must see destination when visiting Paris. While I wish the film would have skewed more accurate to history, I appreciated the historical facts I did learn about, the solid acting all around, phenomenal production designs, a beautiful score and a moving love story to tie it all together. If you are in the mood for a foreign film that will educate you in the process or are into architecture or engineering, this is a solid film that…towers…over other films.

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