3/10 From the “Skit Guys” (never heard of them) and K-LOVE Films, “Family Camp” is your typical faith based, Christian movie; well-intentioned but incredibly cheesy and overall stupid. The best Christian films in the last 20 years have either come from talented, well known Hollywood veterans like Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” or documentaries like last year’s underrated “Show Me the Father”. “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” was also a solid film but balanced biopic and sports drama as opposed to just being a straight up faith based film. Most other Christian movies like “God’s Not Dead”, “Facing the Giants”, etc. all only appeal to Christians because they aren’t a high enough quality to attract anyone outside of the religion being marketed to. “Family Camp” falls into that latter category and has many problems. The script is the biggest issue with absurdly ridiculous situations, over the top characters, mediocre (over) acting, cheesy special effects (involving a beaver), cringe worthy moments, eye rolling music in several scenes (there is a horrible cover of “Amazing Grace”) and that made for TV low budget feel to it. I get that this wasn’t financed by a major Hollywood studio and you can only make a low budget movie appear so good, but the script certainly wasn’t doing the movie any favors. I will give the movie credit where credit is due. The older baby boomer Christians will probably enjoy this seeing as how they will most likely just be focused on the message and many won’t mind the silliness. I did appreciate that there were a couple of surprisingly funny one liners and that the movie even poked fun at Christians, which I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Christian movie do before. No one should take themselves too seriously, so by poking fun at some Christian stereotypes (the teenage boy who wants to hook up at summer camp, the married couples who pretend to have the perfect marriage but are a mess behind the scenes, caring more about what other people think of you/what you accomplish as opposed to being your true, flawed self, etc.), the movie earned my respect as it called out Christians who wrongfully act in those ways. Despite those positive qualities and the fact that your Christian parents/grandparents are liable to enjoy it and find it relatable, there are just too many problems to overcome. The movie is almost two full hours (way too long for this kind of movie), many attempts at humor fall flat, characters act in a ridiculous fashion and this won’t appeal to anybody outside of the Christian base. Since this came from whoever these “Skit Guys” are, I can assume that while this might have worked as a skit or a short film, the content is stretched too thin for a feature length movie and was about as pleasurable as getting lost in the woods with the most annoying man ever.

#FamilyCampy / #ExhaustInTheWoods / #OnlyYouCanPreventForestLiars / #SendOutAChurchParty / #TommySlackerman / #TrophyLives

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