7.5/10 I have a rule when it comes to political documentaries. If the film is made by someone right wing, as this film is, then folks on the left should truly be the ones to see this. Likewise, if you have a left wing documentary from Michael Moore, for example, folks on the right side of the aisle should check them out. Why is this? Well if people stay inside their confirmation bubbles and only hear views from others who share theirs, then they will never be introduced to opposing viewpoints and will remain trapped in their echo chamber. You may not change your viewpoints or beliefs from hearing what the other side has to say but it is nevertheless important to do so. Trying to at least understand where the other side is coming from (even if it is just so you can better argue against them) will either affirm your beliefs or perhaps see some of the good points they bring up and might switch you to their side on at least one or two arguments they have to offer. So when it comes to the latest documentary from right wing film maker and author Dinesh D’Souza, while I realize this will appeal to more right leaning audiences, I think it is vastly important for people on the left to view this. The film is an examination into the 2020 election and if it was fraudulent/stolen (as many on the right claim) or the most secure election in American history (as many on the left claim). While everyone is entitled to their opinion, opinions should only be taken seriously if they are backed up with hard evidence, data, statistics, etc. While phony fact checkers will do their best to lie and smear this documentary, you can’t argue with a lot of the evidence presented here. It is the law to have security cameras outside of ballot drop boxes and a lot of this film shows security footage from each official states’ cameras (not someone’s cell phone) as we witness dozens of felonies with people stuffing ballot boxes generally from 1AM-5AM, going from one box to the next. The film wisely breaks everything down so anyone, even people who don’t follow politics at all, can understand. The film goes into how technology is used and how Trump had a decent lead on election night, only to wake up with suddenly huge spikes for Biden, but no additional votes for Trump. The strength of the film is that at only an hour and a half, the pacing is solid and you are being fed relevant information from start to finish. There is plenty of hard evidence presented and it is rather infuriating how there are thousands of documented felonies being committed on camera, yet our corrupt FBI wastes time and manpower on nonsense like a garage pull in a NASCAR garage. The film also goes into other issues such as dark money and other relevant topics in terms of voter fraud. As for where the film falls a little short, I wish that D’Souza would have talked to more big name left wing individuals or big name right wing individuals who refuse to look at evidence in the fears of being de-platformed and losing money (coughBenShapirocough). While people who believe the election was stolen will have their beliefs vindicated, I wish we could have seen how the left would respond when looking at all of the evidence presented. Also, in talking about election fraud, D’Souza leaves out a bunch of other evidence that proved voter fraud such as addresses on voter rolls that were fraudulent and take you to empty parking lots or the underpass of a freeway (Steven Crowder exposed a lot of this in Michigan). I understand if D’Souza didn’t want to repeat information that is already out there, but I think diving into some of it would have only strengthened his case. In the end, even if you don’t believe the election was stolen, the mountains of evidence at least demands a Mueller or Durham sized investigation into all of this. The fact that big tech and many politicians say that you can’t even talk about this and ask questions only leads people with common sense to believe that something extremely fishy is going on. If you think this was the most secure election in American history, then I urge you to watch this film and try to counter any of the evidence that it shows. While not the best documentary, this might be the most important documentary in our lifetime.

#FraudsNotDead2 / #ReapTheBallotHarvest / #RespectYourLarryElders / #CircleKirk / #ManOfSteal / #VoteByFail

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