1.5/10 I often refer to Rotten Tomatoes as “Rotten Opinions” because of how often they are wrong and/or occasionally politically motivated in assigning reviews. Yet with this disaster receiving a 22% on RT, I have to say that not only is that pretty accurate, but it might be too high, as a 15% would be more fitting. An unfunny career low for co-writer/director Judd Apatow, this takes Apatow’s worst habits and amplifies them, while taking away the heart and humor that his great films have. Even in Apatow films that didn’t blow me away, like 2020’s “The King of Staten Island”, what that film lacked in laughs, it made up for in heart with characters you could relate to and root for. Here, the heart and emotional strength that have connected all of Apatow’s previous films are nowhere to be found. The only positive aspects this disgrace of a movie has going for it was some fun cameos and Karen Gillan doing her best with the horrible script she was given. You can easily imagine that this is the least funny Apatow movie because of how quickly it was thrown together. Once the China Virus put the world at a standstill, Apatow and co-writer Pam Brady quickly wrote this movie about a group of film makers (actors, director, studio executives, etc.) trying to make a D-list dinosaur movie (in a quality similar to “Sharknado”) during the pandemic and the bubble that they have to quarantine in while they film in the UK. I’d rather watch the fictional dinosaur franchise “Cliff Beasts” that this movie pokes fun at than suffer through this ever again. While the premise is decent and the movie gets off to an ok start, things quickly fall apart as the movie gets worse and worse the longer it runs on. In true Apatow fashion, the movie goes on for too long (over two hours for a movie with little to no laughs). Since the jokes fall flat, the characters are all one note and the movie lacks any and all heart, you feel every excruciating minute of this bloated mess. All of the Covid jokes at best feel dated and at worst remind many of us of one of the worst times in our lives. The actors complaining about how hard they have it (while still having a job and bringing in big paychecks) comes off as completely distasteful considering how many people lost their jobs, businesses and lives. The movie seems like it was geared more towards the Hollywood elite than the average movie goer. Another problem that multiple Apatow movies have is all of the nepotism, which takes a creepy turn here. Apatow’s daughter Iris plays a TikTok star but her character is sexualized and while I understand that that is how TikTok is in real life, having a director have his own daughter sexualized in his film feels super creepy and off putting. Speaking of TikTok, this is a movie in general that will age horribly. While the China Virus was relevant in 2020 and even remains through today, decades from now when people are born they won’t know or care about the subject matter and its inclusion will horribly date the movie. Likewise, including TikTok so heavily will also age horribly and date the movie. Remember back in the day when movies made MySpace references? Watching those movies today makes you laugh at how badly those references have aged as MySpace essentially became extinct. TikTok, like most social media platforms will last for a while but will eventually cease to exist as the newest and latest apps replace it. The movie gets more and more ridiculous the further it gets into the overly long running time but by the time it ends, you will just be happy it is over. With movies like “Locked Down” and “The Bubble”, Hollywood has proven that trying to capitalize off of a man made virus that has killed millions of people feels immoral and only yields horrible results. First with Adam McKay and now Judd Apatow, the once best comedic pair of modern comedy directors have seen both of them lose all sense of humor and fall extremely far from their once great heights with classics like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Step Brothers”. Sorry to burst your bubble but “The Bubble” is one of the least funny comedies in the past several years and a career low for many involved.

#LeslieMannThisIsAwful / #TikShlock / #UnfunnyPeople / #DudApatow / #StiffBeasts / #TheExFiles

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