6/10 There is a scene in 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” where Ralph is at a Bad-Anon meeting with other video game villains and Ralph surmises how he is tired of being bad and wants to go good. “The Bad Guys” takes that scene and essentially makes a feature length version of it. While there are certain commendable aspects to this movie, “The Bad Guys” ends up slightly above mediocre but not all that memorable. As for what worked, most of the voice cast is well cast with Sam Rockwell in particular being perfect as Wolf. The animation isn’t quite on the Disney/Pixar level but it does still look solid and gets the job done. The moral messages behind the movie are good for kids to hear when it comes to helping others, turning your life around and that anyone can go from bad to good. At just over an hour and a half, the running time never overstays its welcome and kids and adults alike will be entertained from start to finish. There was also a fun Easter egg in the opening scene involving the diner from “Pulp Fiction” which as someone with a “Pulp Fiction” tattoo, I definitely appreciated. The negatives in the movie which I am about to list do certainly bring the quality down but they are never so egregious that you will roll your eyes or truly hate those aspects of what you are watching. The overarching plot was nothing special and borrowed from several other animated films, particularly involving animals (“Zootopia” comes to mind). A couple of the plot twists you can see coming from a mile away and the ending is predictable as well. Despite its charm, there is nothing here that we haven’t seen before in superior animated films. While the majority of the voice cast works, I have never been a fan of when actors do multiple animated films across different films/franchises yet never change up their voice to distinguish it from their other animated films. Here we have Awkwafina whose vocal work sounds the exact same as it did in “Raya and the Last Dragon”. At least Alex Borstein was wise enough to not repeat her Lois Griffin voice from “Family Guy”, which is the correct way to go about multiple voice acting roles. While the score definitely had the vibes of a heist film, it felt a little too similar to the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise scores for my tastes. They also didn’t shy away from potty humor, which continued from start to finish and became repetitive with the fart jokes/situations. While this is a harmless movie that the kids will enjoy, it won’t go down as some modern day animated classic seeing as how forgettable it is. However, when the current choices on what to take your kids to the theater to see comes down between this or “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (0/10), this is the easiest decision a parent will have to make so choose wisely.

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