2.5/10 WARNING: DUE TO THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THIS SERIES, STRONG LANGUAGE WILL BE USED THROUGHOUT THE REVIEW…Leave it to the dipshits at Netflix to take what should be a fun and educational binge watch about swear words and turn it into a woke, cringeworthy series that forces far left politics down the viewer’s fucking throat. My own relationship with swearing began while playing tag on my elementary school playground. We would talk shit to whoever was “it”, which became my introduction to naughty words. Then came video games which highly angered me and grew my vocabulary of curse words further. Finally, the cherry on top was the Marine Corps, where swearing was just a normal part of everyday life. So while there are definitely times and places where I keep the language clean (church, around kids and certain family members), I personally enjoy letting colorful language fly and have said every swear word known to man, no matter how offensive or taboo. So I was so excited to learn the origins of the six words that take up six episodes: Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Dick, Pussy and Damn. The series fooled me because the first episode (“Fuck”) was the best episode by far. I assumed that every episode would be like the pilot only to be extremely disappointed when literally every remaining episode unnecessarily stuck in woke commentary from D-list “comedians” who you’ve never heard of and people who have no business being interviewed for the show. You can tell that instead of picking the funniest comedies, Netflix went for the most diverse group of comedians, which was evident by how unfunny they were. Only Nikki Glaser came off as recognizable and funny while Sarah Silverman was recognizable just brought zero funny material with her. Who the fuck is London Hughes? Answer: Some unfunny bitch. Nick Offerman is a great actor but he has nothing to do with the subject matter. The only people who should be speaking are A-list, funny comedians, experts on language and maybe an actor who is notorious for swearing like Samuel L. Jackson or Jonah Hill. Instead we get the least funny group of comedians ever assembled (with only one or two exceptions) and “experts” like Mireille Miller-Young, a professor on feminism and women’s studies, which has nothing to do with anything here. Most experts actually were experts on linguists or have written books on the history of language and swear words, making their inclusions relevant. Yet when we get a random, feminist diversity hire with nothing inciteful to say, you see the agenda that Netflix has in store. As for what worked, the reason I watched this was because it was hosted/presented by Nicolas Cage, who I wanted to go through some of his work in anticipation for “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”. Since this is his only real consistent TV series work, I thought I would check this out and he is the highlight of the show. Also, episodes are only about 20 minutes long so luckily the whole series can be binged in two hours. Cage being a great host, the quick pacing and the real experts giving relevant information on the history of swear words wasn’t enough to overcome the unfunny comedians, forced woke, political lecturing and unqualified speakers. Shit like this is why Netflix is losing subscribers. Instead of taking a subject that should be damn funny and entertaining to everyone, regardless of your political leanings, Netflix keeps shoveling out shitty propaganda that many young bitches and dicks will fall for, while not knowing shit about real fucking history. Fuck off, Netflix.

#FuckingDisappointing / #ShittyPolitics / #FeministBitches / #DickingAroundWithHistory / #PussyingOutOnTheTruth / #DamnFoolsAtNetflix

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