6.5/10 The follow up to 2016’s “Swiss Army Man”, co-directors Daniels (Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) continue to bring film goers an extremely unique, strange, daring and original movie going experience that is just as weird as the trailer suggests. While I did prefer “Swiss Army Man” to this film, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” still deserves praise for all it accomplishes. I can’t state strongly enough how visually original and exciting this film is. The visuals, cinematography, music and editing all work together to assault your senses, but in a good way. Overall the film has a rather simple story but instead of telling a simple story in a simple way, Daniels spices things up by telling the story in a crazy, if not slightly complicated way as the film deals with the multiverse (something the Marvel Cinematic Universe has recently gotten into). The acting is fantastic and while leading lady Michelle Yeoh gives one of the best performances of her career as Evelyn Wang, I found myself loving Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang the most as he gives a sweet and emotional performance. Everyone in the cast is on board for the weirdness as they embrace the script and run with it. A24 continues to put out original, unique films and this certainly follows that pattern. There is some genuinely hilarious humor to be found here (moments which I won’t spoil involving a raccoon were my favorite as well as some hotdog fingers) but more importantly, the relationships between mother/daughter and wife/husband are well developed and feel genuine, as every family has their own struggles, making the ones in this film rather relatable, even if they are not exactly the same ones that your or my family go through. The emotional tissue is strong and despite the over the top craziness, there are some relatable moments to be found here. As for what didn’t work, the film comes in at 2 hours and 20 minutes, which was simply too long. A solid half an hour could have been trimmed and the film still would have been effective. Certain moments/stretches of the film do seem a little bit like style over substance which probably stemmed from too much creative freedom, which is something I rarely ever complain about. There is a lot of exposition in explaining the multiverse but even I was still confused at several moments (there are definite shades of “The Matrix” here). While not quite as strong as “Swiss Army Man” (which is also an extremely weird and original film), “Everything Everywhere All at Once” definitely lives up to its title. While it could have used some trimming, this is an extremely memorable and original film, which is something Hollywood certainly needs more of in a world of established IP, remakes, reboots, sequels and prequels. I’m looking forward to what zany creation Daniels creates next.

#EverybodyLovesWaymond / #HangOutWithYourWangOut / #CrazyGlitchAsians / #TaxationIsHeft / #FreakyChiDay / #BlissMeansWar

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