2.5/10 Sometimes acclaimed novels don’t translate well to the cinematic landscape and this snooze fest based on the 2016 Graham Swift novel of the same name is the perfect example of this. While there are a few redeeming features, “Mothering Sunday” is the most boring movie I have seen since probably 2018’s “Roma” (although last year’s pretentious “C’Mon C’Mon” was hard to sit through as well). There is a lot of nudity and a little sex in this movie and the only reason that is relevant is because when showing both full frontal male and female nudity, you have to try really hard to make a movie boring that contains all of that. Yet writer Alice Birch and director Eva Husson seem intent on putting the audience to sleep. The only moment that would be exciting to see onscreen is a car accident so what does Birch do? She makes sure the accident happens off screen so we only see the aftermath of the wrecked car. God forbid there is an exciting or dangerous moment in the movie. Instead a third of the movie is just naked people slowly wondering around homes, looking at library books and smoking cigarettes…you know, super exciting stuff. There is a romance at the center of the movie but both Jane Fairchild (Odessa Young) and Paul Sheringham (Josh O’Connor) are boring characters and their romance lacked passion and fire, making them unexciting to watch. Veteran actors and Oscar winners Colin Firth and Olivia Colman are wasted here in their small roles which failed to leave an impact. You’d think that elements that deal with soldiers dying in World War I and a couple having an affair would bring about exciting results and while maybe it did in the novel, this adaptation was horrible. I’m not being sarcastic or joking when I say that I was more interested in my tub of popcorn than I was the characters or plot. There were only a couple of elements that worked well. The production design, costume design, hair & make-up and props expertly recreated the time period of 1924 (and some flash forwards that take place later). The acting from Young and O’Connor was strong despite them not having a great script to work with. Finally, Morgan Kibby’s score was well done, as well as the use of Nils Frahm’s “For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More” near the end of the movie. Despite some decent acting and production qualities, the lifeless direction, boring screenplay (even the title doesn’t fit with the movie) and uninteresting plot/characters makes this the perfect movie to fall asleep to but the absolute worst movie if you want to be engaged in what you are watching.

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