8/10 From Academy Award winner Graham Moore (Best Adapted Screenplay for 2014’s “The Imitation Game”), Moore makes his feature length directorial debut with “The Outfit”, a well-crafted throwback to the gangster genre, which we see less and less of these days. I’ve always been a fan of chamber/bottle films, which is when a film takes place in one location (“12 Angry Men”, “Locke”, etc.) “The Outfit” may be restricted in terms of locations but Moore and co-writer Johnathan McClain are able to create well written characters and slowly ratchet up the tension, ending in an excellent third act with an unexpected but welcomed twist. The recreation of 1956 Chicago is expertly portrayed by the wonderful production design, hair & make-up and in particular due to plot relevance, costume design. The period appropriate costumes aren’t just there to accurately show off the era of when the film takes place but also to develop our main character Leonard, played perfectly by Oscar winner Mark Rylance. Speaking of the cast, while Rylance gives the best performance in the film, the supporting cast is mostly impressive with Zoey Deutch and Johnny Flynn putting in solid work. The film is able to balance multiple genres with ease as in addition to the gangster genre, the film is also a thriller, a drama and a whodunit/mystery film with a tiny splash of romance sprinkled in for good measure. Coming in at just over an hour and a half (when taking out the time for ending credits), the pacing works well as you will be interested and entertained from start to finish. The editing is strong as we get quick but imperative flashbacks for our leading protagonist. As for what didn’t work, despite being a fan of Dylan O’Brien, he feels miscast here. It isn’t even that he gives a bad performance (he doesn’t) but his accent didn’t quite convince me as much as it should have and he just felt wrong for this particular part, despite being great in other films. Oscar winner Alexander Desplat provides the score and while overall it was well done, several tracks felt a little repetitive to me. Finally, while I loved the third/final act in the film, there was a moment that felt unnecessary and a little bit eye rolling. You know how in horror movies, the protagonists will supposedly kill the bad guy and take a deep sigh of relief, only for the bad guy to get back up and try to kill them again? That has always been a cliché and rather cheesy tactic that horror films often overuse and we get a similar moment near the end that should have never happened. Minor complaints aside, this is an underrated film that has unfortunately underperformed at the box office but is one that definitely deserves your attention. Put on your finest outfit and go see “The Outfit” as soon as you can.

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