6.5/10 A fun 1970s throwback that borrows from other films but still brings some solid gore and humor, “X” is the appropriately named horror film from (takes deep breath…) writer/director/producer/co-editor Ti West. While West took a break from feature film making to director several TV episodes across multiple shows, he returns with this homage to 70s horror films. If I had to describe this film I would say it is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” meets “The Visit” with a sprinkle of “Boogie Nights”. This horror film revolves around a group of young, attractive (are there any other kinds in horror films?) wannabe stars who go to a secluded farm to shoot a pornographic film in the hopes that it will get them rich and famous. Trouble befalls them when the two elderly folks who they rented the farm guest house from aren’t what they appear to be. This is essentially a slasher film with the characters getting killed off one by one. We’ve seen this premise a million different times since the 70s so while there isn’t much in the way of ground breaking originality, West is wise enough to make this a fun and disturbing film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The cast is great and having a wonderful time. Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Jenna Ortega and Kid Cudi are solid and it was great to see some of them after not having any mainstream roles for a few years. West uses specific old fashioned cameras to shoot certain scenes to give the film the authentic, grainy 70s look and that turned out well. You really do feel like you are transported back to the 1970s where it was even harder to survive a horror film due to the lack of modern technology like cell phones. West injects some dark comedy into the film along with over the top blood and gore so the audience will have a great time watching. The film is a fun throwback, has great pacing and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The score perfectly rotates from utterly creepy to 70s porn depending upon what is happening. The soundtrack is equally impressive and the editing uses some cool tricks with quickly jumping back and forth that I haven’t seen utilized before. It is great to see some of these cast members playing against type and this film will make you never want to walk in on your grandparents having sex. That being said, I just wish West could have crafted a more original story, since there is nothing new we haven’t already seen before. Fun for horror fans who want to shut off their brains and have a laugh but its extremely adult content will turn off non-horror fans.

#SexasChainsawAssacre / #KidCutMe / #MiaGothic / #NymphomaniacPartEw / #ThePearlNextDoor / #DistributedByX24

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