6.5/10 “Death on the Nile” has had a rocky road to the big screen but upon it pulling into the theatrical dock, I can say that it is a beautiful looking, entertaining film that doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor, “Murder on the Orient Express”. This film had SEVEN different release dates before it finally came out (the first due to production issues and the other six due to the China Virus). On top of that the recent controversy with Armie Hammer and the fact that this film’s budget was $35 million higher than the previous film certainly had 20th Century Studios/Disney worried. While the film hasn’t made nearly as much money as “Murder on the Orient Express”, it is understandable considering all this film had going against it. Release date changes and cast controversy aside, this adaptation of the 1937 Agatha Christie novel is a bit of a mixed bag but ends up being worth seeing, especially if you enjoyed the last film (which I gave a 7.5 to). Instead of a contained train, our setting moves to a contained cruise ship and I do enjoy the fact that both books/films have their mysteries unfolding in a claustrophobic, unescapable space, which adds to the danger for those involved. We get another attractive cast with solid pacing and cinematography that gets the job done. The performances work well (although a couple supporting characters are underused) and star/director Kenneth Branagh is wise to not reveal things too soon. While the plot isn’t quite as strong as “Murder on the Orient Express”, that isn’t to say the plot is weak or bad. The plot is solid, but not quite as tight as the last film’s plot. I watched the 1978 original film and while this new adaptation certainly has the benefit of modern technology and looking/sounding better, this remake is so similar that one could make the argument that it didn’t need to be made. They did make one modern change with the plot that added some politically correct wokeness to the screenplay and as disappointed as I was by this, I expect it from every mainstream Hollywood film at this point. I did love the opening of the film, which was an exciting flashback that gave us a deeper look into detective Hercule Poirot’s (Branagh) past but without spoiling anything I will point out the flaw that facial hair (and all body hair) doesn’t grow out of/over skin that is deeply scarred. Despite a few problems, the film overall is an enjoyable time and if you haven’t read the book or seen the original 1978 film, the twist at the end is a solid one that I didn’t see coming. While a third film has been planned/developed, it is up in the air due to this film not performing quite as well as the studio(s) hoped it would but I’m rooting for a third film to close out the trilogy, as I am fond of mystery movies and Branagh’s love for the source material certainly shines through.

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