6.5/10 A perfectly fine, disposable romantic movie, “Marry Me” is all about your expectations for it. If you don’t want to think critically, turn off your brain and be entertained by a predictable and farfetched love story, you will enjoy “Marry Me”. If you are looking for something original with lots of laughs to be found, you are going to want to look elsewhere. This movie certainly has its strengths and is the superior movie in the John Bradly double feature (the other being “Moonfall”). The thing that surprised me the most about this was how good the music/songs were. Jennifer Lopez (who continues to be frozen in time) has had some catchy hits over the years but I wouldn’t count myself to be a big fan of her music. However, the majority of the songs made for this movie were catchy, moving and memorable, which is something I wouldn’t have predicted. So if this movie isn’t for you, perhaps the soundtrack may be. The leading performances from Lopez and the always likeable Owen Wilson were well done and they were fun to watch. The subplot with Wilson’s daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) was sweet and added some emotional depth to the movie. I also have to applaud the math team’s name being the Pi-thons, as I am always a fan of puns…obviously. Despite approaching two hours, the pacing works well and you will be entertained from start to finish. I appreciated that they were able to poke fun at the fact that Lopez herself has had an insane amount of marriages, so as bad as that fact is, at least she can take the joke with her at its center. As for the movie’s problems, the plot is insanely ridiculous and unrealistic. While I could even understand Kat (Lopez) jumping into marriage at the spur of the moment, I never bought that Charlie (Wilson) would, since his personality is not outgoing or daring. Him being a math teacher shows how calculated all aspects of his life are, so I wasn’t buying his spontaneous decision. Maybe if he would have been drunk at the concert, it would have been more believable to jump into such a rash decision. The movie is incredibly predictable, especially the final act, which you’ll see coming from a mile away. Another issue I had (which many movies have these days) was how overly represented LGBT characters were. If an alien were to watch this movie, they would think that 50% of planet Earth is gay. While I don’t care if characters are gay for story relevance (I’m a fan of films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Moonlight”), this movie just shoves in as many gay and lesbian characters as possible to push an agenda and it feels ridiculous. While over representing LGBT characters, they simultaneously under represented Asian characters since I didn’t buy for a second that a math team in New York would only have one Asian student. There is also some product placement (outside of the relevant product placement for Kat’s endorsements, which make sense). Despite the ridiculous plot, predictability and unnecessary LGBT agenda forced down your throat, “Marry Me” was more enjoyable than I thought it would be with likeable leads, strong music, a decent subplot and perfect pacing. If this movie were a woman, I may not marry it, but I’d certainly date it.

#ABastianOfNope / #KatHasNineLivePerformances / #LousingTheCompetition / #ShotgunWedding2 / #WeddingDashers / #EasyAsPi

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