1.5/10 If you couldn’t already tell from the over the top trailer that this was going to be awful, then I don’t know what to tell you except to confirm how terrible this movie is. Rock stars/musicians, much like video game adaptations, have a horrible track record when it comes to movies. Rob Zombie has never made a movie that wasn’t terrible. Fred Durst has created nothing of value cinematically. Madonna’s musical talent has utterly failed to translate into film making. RZA’s friendship with Quentin Tarantino didn’t rub off onto his own directing experience. Those are only a few examples of musicians turned film makers who were the equivalent of when Michael Jordan went from basketball to baseball. Now we can add the Foo Fighters to the above list. This feels like the Foo Fighters got high/drunk while watching “The Evil Dead” and decided to steal ideas from it (the book of the dead), pat themselves on the back/give themselves free publicity and have an excuse to get paid while making garbage. An unoriginal horror movie with no likeable or developed characters, cheesy special effects, no scares and unfunny jokes, “Studio 666” has a script that feels like some middle school boys at the cafeteria lunch table came up with. The humor is juvenile and most of the acting is horrendous, as being a musician doesn’t make you an actor. The worst example of this was Pat Smear (guitarist) who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. Plot elements don’t make sense, but you can tell that there was no effort put into creating a coherent, creative plot. This movie should have been an hour and a half, but runs an extra 20 minutes and you will feel every excruciating moment of the overly long run time. The only reasons this gets 1.5/10 are because a couple of throwaway lines made me chuckle and there are some solid cameos in the movie, even if a couple are totally wasted (Jimmi Simpson). Those minor positives aren’t nearly enough to get you to waste your time or money on this debacle of a vanity project. I don’t count myself as a big Nirvana or Foo Fighters fan but am always open to checking out new music. However, after this release, I feel like I need to boycott any and all music from these guys since they clearly have no taste. Thank God this movie bombed at the box as it belongs in Hell.

#FooFrighteners / #DaveGhoul / #DirectedByTomSixSixSix / #GoesOnTooEverLong / #WorstOfYou / #WastingLightCameraAction

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