7.5/10 “Cyrano de Bergerac” was a beautifully written play created back in 1897 by Edmond Rostand and has been adapted many times in various iterations including radio, television and film. I have not seen or heard (in the case of radio) any of those previous iterations so this Joe Wright directed adaptation was my first exposure to the story/material. Wright is an underrated director and has mostly had a solid directing career with films like “Atonement” and “Darkest Hour” (let’s try to forget about “Pan”). He is back on his A game here as he turns the source material into a full blown musical, with the music and lyrics being one of the absolute highlights of the film. “Wherever I Fall Pt. 1” and “Someone to Say” (the song heard in the trailer) are probably the best two songs in the film but there are many more that greatly impressed me along the way. There were only a few songs that I could have done without but overall this is a soundtrack worth exploring if you are a musical fan like I am. In addition to the music, the film is well written and directed with Wright putting some stylistic touches on certain musical scenes. At two hours long, the film is well paced and you will be drawn into this world the entire time. The story is interesting and unrequited love is a subject for which many people can associate with from either their past or present. The script is emotionally strong and connects with the audience from start to finish. The acting is fantastic and this is some of Peter Dinklage’s best work to date. The supporting cast is strong too but this is Dinklage’s film from start to finish. As for my minor complaints, there are a few of them in addition to the couple of songs that underwhelmed me. For a musical, Dinklage isn’t a great singer, but I recognize that he is the most recognizable midget in Hollywood and a fine actor so the casting options were limited. There is one balcony scene, that while touching and full of great music, felt completely unrealistic and took me out of the film due to our female protagonist Roxanne (Haley Bennett) not recognizing vocal changes that take place, especially since it occurs from someone she has known for years, which just felt laughable. Lastly, Ben Mendelsohn’s villain character was pretty one note and I wish he would have been developed more. That being said, this is still a fine film and if you enjoy musicals, it’s a must see. Nominated for Best Costume Design at Sunday’s Academy Awards, this may not light up the box office (musicals unfortunately seem to be box office poison these days, regardless of quality) but it will stir your emotions with its wonderful music and lyrics and some fantastic performances. Should you see this? CyraYES.

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