5.5/10 Coming five years after the original “Sing”, this follow up has become a rather profitable endeavor for Universal Pictures and Illumination (in post pandemic standards) but fails to recapture the initial magic from the first, underrated film. The first film (which I gave a 7.5/10 to) had a smaller scale but a better plot and overall better music and song selection. While some elements in this sequel do work (more on that later), the plot goes bigger but caries less emotional heft and the songs used don’t live up to the original. The stakes are less personal and surprisingly more violent (Buster Moon is trying not to get murdered…for real) and for some reason, Seth MacFarlane and John C. Reilly don’t return for the sequel, which was noticeable. Some of the songs are more adult oriented and although they never play the vulgar moments in certain songs, kids who listen may seek out the original songs and be in for an inappropriate surprise. As for what worked, the voice cast who are here are pitch perfect and the new additions to the cast are fantastic. A great amount of songs work, even if not all of them do. The visuals look fantastic with Redshore City in particular really coming to life with its vibrant colors and great production design. The pacing works well as the movie constantly propels forward, all but ensuring kids will absolutely love this movie. There are some emotionally strong moments to tug on your heartstrings and there are some moral messages that both kids and adults can take something out of. U2’s Bono joins this installment and thankfully, unlike “Songs of Innocence” being forced upon everyone’s cellphone, this viewing experience is optional. It was pretty crazy how Bono’s speaking voice has turned into a cross between Sam Elliott and Nick Nolte. Despite a strong voice cast, some gorgeous visuals, nice messaging and a wonderful climax, the absence of some of the first film’s stars, a weaker plot and music that overall falls short of the original make this a movie that kids will enjoy but adults will want to stick with the original. Based off of box office returns, I’m sure we can look forward to a “Sing 3” in the future, which will hopefully be closer to “Sing” than “Sing 2”.

#TopKoalatyVoiceWork / #SingkingShip / #MoonPromisedTheMoon / #Rocketman2 / #Singsman / #AllWorkAndNoClay

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