4/10 A creepy atmosphere mixed with some decent performances can’t save an underdeveloped script in this forgettable horror offering. “The Cursed” starts strong with establishing a creepy environment and greatly utilizes the older time period when the safety of modern technology didn’t exist. Kelly Reilly and Boyd Holbrook give solid performances, even if the script doesn’t give them a ton to work with. The production and costume design expertly re-create rural, 19th century France. Sean Ellis wrote and directed this and here his directing is much stronger than his writing. He is able to set a dark, moody, haunting tone that stays with you for the duration of the movie. Robin Foster’s score does an excellent job of helping create tension and was especially noticeable in the first half of the movie. The problem comes with the screenplay needing a lot of additional work. The movie jumps around too much at the beginning (which ties in with the editing) before settling in and much of the story is nothing new. This is essentially a creature feature and curse movies are a dime a dozen. While I appreciated the gnarly violence, I felt like I had already seen this movie before. The worst part is the ending where, instead of making a ballsy decision, Ellis wimps out and goes for the safer ending, even though it was completely inconsistent with what happened earlier in the movie. Without getting into spoilers, earlier in the movie we see what happens to people who morph into these creatures and their ending is never a pretty one, as they are consumed by evil. Yet, at the end of the movie, a character who has succumbed to a cursed creature for an even longer period of time is able to come out unscathed, which completely went against what was established earlier and made me roll my eyes. The movie isn’t scary and won’t stay with you once you’ve left the theater, making it an overall forgettable experience. Some of the creature visual effects look solid but others are underwhelming, making the visuals a little uneven. There is also virtually no character development as we know the bare minimum about each character, which again goes to the weakness of the script. Despite a strong tone and impressive production values, the undercooked screenplay with rather boring, vanilla characters, no scares and unoriginal circumstances make this a rental at best, but not worth seeing on the big screen. With countless better horror offerings, “The Cursed” is about as relevant to your life as a silver bullet.

#Silverstone / #OldBoydsClub / #FromBadToCurse / #UnderTeethItAll / #OffTheBeatenPathologist / #GiveAwayTheMcBride

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