8/10 If you pay attention to the news then you might remember when roughly one year ago there was a short squeeze on stocks like GameStop, AMC, Blockbuster, etc. which cost hedge funds billions of dollars and simultaneously exposed how corrupt and rigged the system was and is. With a relatively quick turnaround time on getting this eye opening documentary out there, director Jonah Tulis brings us the key players behind how all of this happened. If you are like myself and most people, you might understand some basics of the stock market but by no means be an expert on how all of it works. It is why in films like “The Big Short”, characters break the fourth wall to explain terminology directly to the audience. Since this is a documentary, we get plenty of explanations on everything that happened from the seemingly impossible early predictions that were seem simply as trolling to how the corrupt company Robinhood was able to unite both the left and right in anger as they colluded with Wall Street to bail out the hedge funds and screw over the little guy. It is a fascinating David vs. Goliath true story and multiple dramatic film adaptations are currently in the works. Tulis and company do a great job of explaining everything, providing a solid score of old school video game music and adding humor to the situation. My biggest complaint I had with the film doesn’t even apply to me. At roughly an hour and a half, the film moves very quickly and uses a lot of online/meme/shitposting terminology like “stonks”, “tendies”, “diamond hands”, “to the moon”, etc. While younger viewers such as myself will understand these phrases and some do get brief explanations, older viewers will likely be confused by a lot of the Reddit/4chan terms which are gone over extremely quickly and with not as much delicate explanation as the Wall Street terms are. The documentary also left out the fact that once Robinhood exposed itself for what they really are, that Google (another corrupt company which pushes censorship daily) deleted thousands of the one star reviews which Robinhood received in the aftermath of what they did. Google covered for Robinhood and their hedge fund buddies, which I wish this documentary would have also made known. I enjoyed that the people who were involved and interviewed for this were really just your average, regular working class people. Not famous celebrities or top experts in the stock market. This documentary will educate you, make you laugh with its meme culture, anger you in regards to our corrupt system but give you hope that when enough of us average Joes come together, not even the corrupt elites can stop us all.

#AMCThisFilm / #TheBuckGameStopsHere / #MuskLoveStonks / #ShortSqueezeAndSweet / #KittyInPink / #CyberStocker

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