6/10 The true story of a gay, illegal immigrant fleeing Afghanistan and Russia for safe haven in friendlier parts of Europe while having to keep multiple secrets about himself, the story checks every intersectional box (hence the 98% on Rotten Opinions) but ends up being style over substance with some beautiful animation but a familiar story. Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen mixes beautiful 2D animation with archival news footage and live action aerial shots which makes this movie visually stimulating and creative. The reason this documentary is mostly animated is to protect the identity of its subject matter, the 36-year-old who is sharing his story for the first time. Using animation is a creative work around to keep our protagonist’s identity safely concealed, although due to how many details he shares, I would think people in his life who either know him or work with him would easily be able to figure out who he is, especially since his real voice is used in this movie. The score is hauntingly beautiful and there are definitely emotional moments that tug on the heart strings a bit. As for the movie’s biggest problem, if you take out our protagonist’s sexuality, this really isn’t much different than many other documentaries about Middle Eastern refugees, immigrants and illegal immigrants whose stories have been told many times before. With the Middle East constantly at war, there has been an overabundance of documentaries like this about people fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. over the past decade or so. While the familiarity doesn’t necessarily take away from the emotional impact of the story, it makes the movie something we’ve already seen countless times and ends up making this rather forgettable once enough time has passed. The movie lacks replayability and the beautiful animation is really the only thing you will remember in the long run when you think back on this movie going experience. While this is being talked up as a contender as a nominee for both Best Animated Feature and Best Documentary, with films like “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” in animation and “The Rescue” in documentary categories, “Flee” doesn’t quite compare to some of the other contenders, despite its good intentions.

#RussianToTheGayClub / #Afghaniman / #JeanClaudeVanScram / #OnYourDenmarkGetSetGo / #GoldChainOfEvents / #InKapoorTaste

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