1.5/10 There is a moment in this cinematic abortion where Neo is seen stepping off of the edge of a tall building and I only bring up the moment because I strongly considered doing the same from the roof of my local movie theater after this movie and my happiness simultaneously came to an end after two and a half hours of pain and suffering. Before I get to the bulk of the review as to why you should never waste your time and/or money watching this, I will give the movie the very limited credit that it deserves. The visual effects look great and the use of speeding up/slowing down in a couple scenes near the end were inventive. I wracked my brain to think of even one other accomplishment but I’ve got nothing. Not only is this a terrible movie that should have never been made but worse, it cheapens the original trilogy by saying that those movies were actually just video games. The movie has an extremely meta quality to it and I absolutely hated every second of it. I kept waiting for characters to break the fourth wall and start talking directly into the camera at us as the audience. None of the meta aspects worked or had anything intelligent to say. All the ideas in this movie are either repeated from the original trilogy or are new ideas but are terrible ones at that. Upon re-watching everything Matrix related (the original trilogy, “The Matrix Revisted”, “The Animatrix” and “A Glitch in the Matrix”, which is a great documentary from 2021), I realized a few things. First of all, the original film is the only decent movie the Wachowski brothers have ever made and even then, the original is overrated due to the terribly cheesy ending and a soundtrack that hasn’t aged well. The two 2003 sequels were terrible but at least “The Matrix Reloaded” had some jaw dropping action that still holds up to this day. For all of their flaws, the original trilogy had the cool factor and incredible fight choreography and cinematography. Great fight and action scenes are integral to these movies which makes this one all the more disappointing. Keanu Reeves (who looks like he really doesn’t want to be here) didn’t have as much pre-production time to do eight months of training and fight choreography so he uses a force push move that sends his enemies flying backwards, which gets old fast. The fight scenes were uninspired, boring at times and a huge step down from the original trilogy. You’d think with all the time between the trilogy ending in 2003 and this movie coming at the end of 2021 that they might have come up with better ideas or cooler fight choreography but alas, we get the opposite. I didn’t realize that when Larry Wachowski cut his penis off that he also cut out the intelligence/talent part of his brain and him and the screenwriters couldn’t have written a worse script if they tried. We get forced feminism (Trinity is better than Neo now, despite him being The One), a forgettable score and the cameos from characters from the original trilogy turn them into old, bitchy women or homeless men. I can’t stress enough how awful this movie is and how it should have never been made in the first place. Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving definitely…dodged a bullet…by avoiding to take part in this monstrosity. Thankfully due to this losing Warner Brothers a decent amount of money, we should be spared from any further sequels, until the original gets rebooted in 20 years with “The Matrix Rebooted”. “Mad Max: Fury Road” was the fourth film in an old franchise that came out a long time after the third entry. Yet while that film gave us some of the best action scenes and car chases ever put to celluloid and became the best film in the quadrilogy, “The Matrix Resurrections” is the polar opposite, despite the similarities of being released so far after the third entry. This movie will go down as an example to future generations as what not to do when forcing a sequel down the throats of audiences who have really been through enough as it is. I want my “Matrix Refunded”.
#TheMatrixRetarded / #TheGayTricks / #ToTrinityAndBeyond / #KeanuGrieves / #MrPanderson / #MindStunter

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