6/10 Capitalizing off of the success of “Tiger King” and following right behind its second season, this spin off focuses solely on Bhagavan Antle AKA Doc Antle, who played a part in the main “Tiger King” series. At only three episodes, this limited series is an extremely quick binge watch but one that will probably only appeal to fans of “Tiger King”. While it is well made, filled with great B roll footage, interviews a wide variety of relevant figures and has great pacing, the content doesn’t quite measure up to “Tiger King”. Whereas “Tiger King” was so full of outlandish craziness that you’d never seen before, with the story only getting weirder the longer it progressed, this spin off just isn’t quite as interesting or exciting and contains aspects (cults) seen in many other original Netflix documentaries. Whereas season 2 of “Tiger King” did continue and update the story, this feels like even more of a cash grab to keep “Tiger King” relevant in a world where multiple new shows come to streaming platforms and TV each week. After having seen this, I feel like there will be no other spin offs only because it makes the subject of its story, Doc Antle, come across horribly, albeit rightfully so. I have a feeling that if Netflix and/or directors Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode ask any other people from the main “Tiger King” series if they’d like to be the center/focus of a new spinoff, it might raise flags with how they will be portrayed. That being said, in the case of Doc Antle, when virtually everyone besides Antle himself is attesting to what a horrific, immoral, cultish, pedophile criminal he is, it definitely brings weight to him being a liar and covering his own ass. Even by the end of the first episode, I could tell the kind of man Antle was and is and luckily by the end of the show, at least some justice is served, although many of his victims are forced to live with how he manipulated them at such a young age for the rest of their lives. If I could choose between locking up Joe Exotic or Doc Antle (who probably isn’t even a doctor), I would choose Doc Antle in a heartbeat, as he is the true villain of this series, which is exposed here. If you enjoyed both seasons of “Tiger King”, you might as well give this a look since it will only take a little over two hours to get through it. It won’t blow you away like that first, lightning in a bottle season of “Tiger King”, but it will open your eyes to Doc Antle and make you feel for everyone who had the unfortunate experience of crossing paths with him.

#TheBhagavanWhosRappingAtYourDoor / #OccultsMayVary / #TopOfTheLewdChain / #InABhagavanDownByTheRiver / #AssumeTheAntle / #DocOfShit

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