2/10 “Cuz reboots suck.” That line is said by one of this season’s main characters but is also an accurate statement on this reboot of a reboot. “Scream” the TV show essentially rebooted the film franchise and this third and easily worst season rebooted the show when it switched from MTV to VH1, abandoned all of the solid characters we had come to know over two full seasons and replaced them with politically correct, worse versions of everything. Didn’t think the first two seasons of a slasher, who dunnit show had enough woke, political messaging? Don’t worry, the shortened reboot is here to cram that down your throats. While being completely different and awful, this does share the same problems of the first two seasons in terms of the killer knowing way too much, being able to be everywhere at once, never being able to get caught by the police/authorities, etc. The plot is insanely stupid, the killer’s motivations are laughable, the acting mediocre, the score forgettable, the soundtrack is cringe worthy and the political posturing is annoying as Hell. The only reason this gets 2/10 is due to the fact that the pacing works. At only six episodes long and roughly 40 minutes each, the show moves along nicely so you won’t have to suffer for long. I also appreciated that like the first two seasons, this third season embraces the violence of the slasher films/genre. Other than those couple of positives, this turd…excuse me, third season should be avoided at all costs. Why they didn’t just continue with the characters and the plot from the first couple of seasons is beyond me. The show should have ended with season two if they were going to reboot a show between seasons, which makes about as much sense as what happens in this show. If you are like me and want to get into the “Scream” mood as the fifth film is dropping today, do yourself a favor and re-watch the first four films and ignore this TV show. The first two seasons may be guilty pleasure viewings that are dumb fun but this third season offers nothing to fans of “Scream”, horror, slashers or high quality TV shows and should be avoided at all costs, unless you want to…scream…about how terrible this (thankfully) final season was.

#DeionPanders / #APaperTyga / #BethSpiral / #AmirsAndQueers / #LivOrDieMakeYourChoice / #MusicByLilKym

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