4.5/10 Very much in line with the first season, “Scream” season 2 has largely the same pros and cons as the first season, but with a rather odd ending that felt out of place, which brings it just below the first season in terms of quality. This is still a guilty pleasure show through and through. You still have your young, attractive cast, some fun, gory kills, excitement in every episode and a lean running time with each episode so the pacing never slows down. Season two is four episodes longer than the first season but only the last two episodes feel like an out of place add on so the overall length feels very similar. Since you do get a fair amount of time with these characters considering that we’ve had two full seasons with them, they do begin to grow on you. A seemingly superficial character like Brooke begins to develop a personality as you see what her home life is like and that she is deeper than she appears. While the character development improved this season, unfortunately the plot remained ridiculous. The killer always knows where the “Lakewood Six” are at all times, is always one step ahead, is able to break into holding cells of court rooms, everyone’s home, etc. without getting caught or leaving any traces behind. The fact that characters make terrible decisions, trust strangers, don’t have any home security or carry a gun, despite their past brushes with death was pretty baffling and made me not feel bad for characters when something bad happened to them. Nine times out of ten whenever they show an incoming text from a character, it is always the first and only text, not the latest in a line of texts over time, which felt incredibly lazy that the showrunners couldn’t manufacture some previous texts to make it look realistic. Like I hinted at earlier, the final two episodes felt completely unnecessary and like they were out of a “Scooby-Doo” episode. A new mystery is introduced that has nothing to do with anything all season but it is forced in with the main plot and none of it gelled together. We get a couple new characters since the final two episodes take place three months later but they haven’t been along for the two season ride so we really don’t care about them or their impact on the plot. The season also ends with a bit of a cliffhanger but from my understanding, after switching from MTV to VH1, season 3 has absolutely nothing to do with the first two seasons and has none of the characters come along for the ride. If they weren’t going to continue with the same cast and story, they shouldn’t have made a season 3 in the first place. I’ll still review the third and final season for next week’s TV review but my expectations are low to say the least. These first two seasons aren’t high quality, but they are a guilty pleasure for characters that will grow on you the longer you watch and even though the plot and coincidences are ridiculous, if you turn off your brain and keep your expectations low, you just might get a scream or two out of it.

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