7/10 When I think of the beginning of the China Virus global pandemic when the lockdowns started back in March of 2020 and having to kill time stuck at home, a few things come to mind. Long lines at grocery stores, toilet paper shortages, films like “Outbreak” and “Contagion” becoming some of the most watched in America and of course…”Tiger King”. In my review for the first season, I gave the debut season a 9/10. It was highly entertaining, well made and full of fascinating real life characters and adorable animals. When Netflix set the release date for the opening season they had no idea what a phenomenon the show would become and how many internet sleuths it would inspire to figure out if Carole Baskin killed her husband or not. “Tiger King” dropped during the perfect storm of circumstances to make it one of Netflix’s most watched shows. When a second season was announced, I was initially skeptical, despite my enjoyment of the first season. The first season was five years (!!) in the making so I figured that the second season would be extremely rushed since it was only coming out a year and a half after the first season. While my fears were mostly unfounded, the content of season two doesn’t reach the level of insanity or excitement of season one. Season two is still well made, entertaining and informative, while adding some new facts as developments have taken place in the search for Don Lewis, trying to get Joe Exotic out of a federal prison, the status of all the zoos/animals involved, the overnight fame of everyone involved in this series and even a death of someone from both seasons. Despite being two episodes shorter than the first season (five compared to seven), there is still a lot of ground to cover and it is rather impressive that directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin were able to put out five episodes in a relatively quick amount of time after the first season’s end. One complaint I had (through no fault of the showrunners) was that Joe Exotic himself only really gets one full episode, the first episode of season two. He does pop up in every episode for soundbites of his opinion but since he is behind bars, there is only so much you can do with him. He was the most crazy and entertaining part of season one and I almost want to see him released from prison just so he can be out and about to act crazy in a third season. Since there are still several open investigations regarding people from the show both alive and dead, I’m sure they are already working on a third season, but it may take longer than a year and a half to come out due to the slow nature of the law and court system. Season two really shows off how crazy big cat people are and even though Carole Baskin and her husband refused to take part in this season, we get plenty of footage of Carole from her own video diary entries to keep her around. We get to see more of how insane Tim Stark is and how for someone with a big mouth constantly threatening people, he ends up being all talk, as most people who scream the loudest often are. In the end, the second season had no chance of eclipsing the first season in terms of content or timing but with a short window of time to create it, we still get plenty of drama, humor, crazy people and cute animals compacted into a quick five episode binge watch. If you enjoyed the first season, you owe it to yourself to continue this wild series and hold out for the inevitable third season. Until then, there is a Doc Antle three episode spin-off now on Netflix which I will be reviewing in the coming months…

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