6/10 As Amazon Studios desperately tries to break into the Hollywood/streaming sphere, their first real blockbuster comes to us courtesy of “The Tomorrow War”, after years of acquiring and releasing films made by other studios. I was worried about “The Tomorrow War” solely based on the fact that Amazon is one of the most woke, far left companies in the world. While my fears were thankfully unrealized, Amazon has given us an extremely dumb movie full of plot holes, underdeveloped characters and predictable moments but one that is extremely enjoyable, fun to watch, well acted and strangely satisfying. This contradiction of quality vs. enjoyment astounded me but I guess you can chalk this movie up as a “guilty pleasure” viewing. The plot makes no sense when you stop to think about it and if you pull on a plot thread, the entire movie unravels. Chris Pratt plays Dan and I was pretty baffled by the sheer number of coincidences surrounding his character. His daughter just so happens to become a world renowned scientist whose work can single handedly save mankind. His wife just so happens to feed Dan an idea about the evil aliens already existing on Earth long before they were discovered (something that apparently no scientist or great thinker contemplated). His student just so happens to be a volcano expert and computer whiz which conveniently comes into play later on in the movie. His father just so happens to not only have access to a private plane but also know how to fly it into Russian airspace undetected. None of the entire world’s population matters with solving this Earth ending crisis outside of Dan, his family and his circle of peers which was absolutely insane to me. Other insanity includes how people are sent through time using portals which if things go wrong, they fall from high up in the sky straight to their deaths. Knowing that things could go wrong, why wouldn’t everyone be wearing a parachute just in case of this worst case outcome? No idea. The humans know exactly where the aliens come from in the future (Russia) yet aren’t able to just send troops from all over the world there or flat out bomb/nuke the point of origin. The opening act involving the military was extremely unrealistic and eye rolling. Morbidly obese civilians are enlisted to fight in the future while simultaneously being given zero training and not being informed of their mission until they are actively on the mission. I know the military is poorly run but this was beyond stupid. None of the supporting characters are given any development and when the movie is almost two and a half hours long, there was no excuse for denying them some. Although I will call out Sam Richardson as Charlie who was actually really funny as the comic relief in the movie. 99% of movies today that try to force in comic relief fail miserably because the humor is either extremely out of place or since film makers today are afraid to offend anyone, they go for soft, weak humor just to make sure no one gets butthurt. While I enjoyed that Charlie character, even he had his own problems. He is shown to be extremely nervous early on in the movie, noting how he talks a lot when he gets nervous. Yet when he is thrust into the mission and actually fighting the aliens, he remains one of the calmest fighters in the movie, despite no military background and it just felt contradictory. I could go on with additional problems but you should get the point by now. As for what worked, Pratt is an extremely likeable leading man and the emotional moments involving his wife (Betty Gilpin) and both his child and grown up daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong/Yvonne Strahovski) are what grounds the movie in a relatable way and makes the audience care about what is happening. It invests us and gives us characters to root for. The budget was massive for this movie but you can actually see the dollars spent onscreen as the visual effects look tremendous, the scale and scope is epic and the action is well done and exciting. The aliens themselves are well designed and look intimidating. The score and cinematography get the job done and definitely work in the moment. You think the movie is going to end right around the hour and a half mark but then continues on for another 45 minutes. I actually really liked that aspect. If the movie would have ended at the hour and a half mark, too many issued would have remained unresolved, setting up for a forced sequel. In continuing the story, we get the closure we need and a satisfying ending (while a sequel is in development). My fears of any woke, PC nonsense getting shoved in melted away and I had fun just shutting off my brain and watching the action unfold without getting talked down to or lectured by the screenwriter. Despite the glaring flaws with the plot and extreme coincidences, “The Tomorrow War” ended up being a lot of fun with likeable leads, strong comedic relief, terrific visuals and turns into one of the best guilty pleasures of 2021. Bring on the sequel.

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