9/10 With the 24 hour news cycle and the world seemingly changing every day on a rather drastic level, 2018 seems like forever ago. Yet, one of the most fascinating true stories containing a roller coaster of emotion from heartbreak to triumphant victory came in the form of a flooded cave in Thailand and the 13 souls trapped within it. With everyone so divided over virtually every issue, the entirety of planet Earth seemed to have come together to try and figure out how to best rescue these 12 boys and their adult coach who were deep inside of a cave with rapidly rising waters and limited oxygen. I commented in my last documentary review on how 2021 has been the year for incredible documentaries. “The Rescue” takes the cake and despite the tough competition from films like “The Alpinist”, “Show Me the Father”, “The Lost Leonardo”, etc. “The Rescue” so far has come out on top as the front runner for best documentary of the year. Coming in at just under two hours, “The Rescue” is captivating from start to finish and chronicles every aspect possible from Thailand weather to who the rescuers were to how to medically sedate children and everything in between. As someone who follows the news daily myself and thought I knew a decent amount about this story, even I learned a great deal regarding many elements I had no idea about. Thousands of Thai people rallied together as well as hundreds of good samaratians from all around the world coming from countries like England, America, Australia, etc. What went down truly was a miracle, especially considering how many things could have gone wrong. Despite knowing how the real life events ended (I won’t repeat them in the off chance you don’t know if people lived or died), I still found myself enthralled and on the edge of my seat regarding what would happen next. I knew the ending but found myself nervous and unsettled while hoping for a positive outcome. This goes to the strength of directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, who also directed one of the top 10 best films of 2018, “Free Solo”. They expertly make use of B roll footages, beautiful animation, visual cave representations, etc. The interviews were varied and moving as the film’s emotional impact cannot be understated. I had a couple complaints but they were very minor. I would have liked to have learned a little bit more about the 12 boys and their coach themselves since they were who our well-developed rescuers were so dedicated to saving. Despite covering nearly every aspect of this story, Elon Musk’s off hands involvement about potential ideas to help the boys and some minor aspects were left out completely. Finally, the ending credits were absolutely gorgeous but the song that played over them felt very cheesy. Minor complaints aside, this is the best documentary of 2021 so far and an absolute must see. With so much negativity in the world and division only appearing to get worse, “The Rescue” is a film that uplifts and rescues our spirits.

#TheRescuersDownUnder2 / #MusicByNickCave / #ThaiDie / #FloodSweatAndTears / #OnlyTheCave / #Bangkokumentary

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