3/10 I gave the original “Venom” a 3/10 and remarked how despite an amazing cast and phenomenal behind the scenes talent (one of the best cinematographers and composers), the script was awful and the movie ended up being extremely stupid. Well before you can say “déjà vu”, the sequel is here to do the exact same thing. We replaced the fantastic cinematographer and composer with a separate but equally phenomenal cinematographer and composer. The director also got switched up, bringing in Andy Serkis who was two for two with his directorial work prior to this effort but just like the first movie, despite all the talent behind and in front of the camera, this sequel ends up being a poorly written, stupid movie. This movie does a few things better than the first movie but also a few things worse, balancing everything out to receive the same 3/10 rating in the end. As for what worked, the aforementioned cinematography and score were well done. Tom Hardy still mumbles his way through the movie but his accent was slightly more audible this time around, which was an improvement. The subplot with Michelle Williams and her fiancé was better than I was expecting, as they actually had stuff to do which impacted the overall plot. The visual effects look fantastic and at an hour and a half, the pacing is constantly moving so you will be entertained the entire time. Finally, the mid-credits scene was phenomenal and genuinely got me excited for what’s to come next in this franchise. All that being said, the atrocious script brings down the movie as it brings about numerous problems. How the villain Carnage is created seemed incredibly stupid and when Venom would enter people’s bodies, there was an immediate reaction that usually ended in death. Yet when Carnage is born, there is no immediate reaction, despite coming from Venom’s DNA and Carnage only begins to impact its host at the most convenient moment for our villain, which was dumb. Speaking of our villains, both of them are completely underdeveloped and Shriek, played by an over the top Naomie Harris, never gets a backstory about how she got her powers. Cletus Kasady (Carnage) has a strange obsession with Eddie Brock (Hardy) and even knows personal details about him that would not at all be public knowledge, let alone to someone stuck behind bars with no access to the internet. The poorly developed villain in the first movie was more memorable than the two here and the tiny breadcrumb of a backstory that Shriek gets has her sustaining an injury that would have killed her but never explains why she is still alive. While a couple moments of humor worked, just as many one liners fell flat, were completely cheesy or felt like dialogue no one would actually say in real life. The bromantic comedy between Brock and Venom became annoying really quickly and what could have been entertaining and fun to watch became irritating once you realize what a living Hell it would be to live with Venom inside of you. Despite the movie going by quickly, it goes by too quickly and never slows down. While you will be constantly entertained, you won’t have a moment to catch your breath and get to know any of these characters. The ending credits song leading up to the final scene was horrendous and even worse than the ending credits song from the previous movie. Both movies in this series go to show that no matter how talented your cast and crew may be, when your script is awful, there is no making a great film from it. Let’s hope moving forward that they actually get a screenwriter or two with some talent, instead of finding who can rush out a profitable script the fastest. Hopefully the next movie is “Venom: Let There Be A Decent Script”.

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