3/10 (Cue the music)…”It’s crappy and a big mess. Causes less joy and more stress. I wish I could have seen less. The Addams Family. It is quite poorly written. Not a soul will be smitten. Less fun than being bitten. The Addams Family.” I had never seen a single movie from this franchise so I started at the beginning with the three live action movies (two theatrical and one made for TV movie that was extremely hard to get through) and then the animated version from two years ago. After having watched all five movies, I can say that all of them are awful. The first two live action movies seem to have been somewhat well liked but the characters are such a drag, they only have one or two personality traits, the attempts at humor all fall flat and they were just so over the top to the point of stupidity. At least with animation, any attempt at realism goes out the window (there is an expectation of SOME realism with live action). The voice cast for these animated movies are rather mixed with Oscar Isaac being a great choice as Gomez to Nick Kroll being extremely annoying as Uncle Fester. Even Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley was smart enough to not return for this sequel. I would put the 2019 first animated movie and this 2021 follow up on about the same level, as both should be avoided. Sure, kids will be entertained and the running time is lean so the pacing is fine. Some of the voice cast is great and this movie has pretty strong cinematography and lightning. None of this can make up for the horrendous script, forced pop culture references, product placement (so glad they shoved a Progressive ad into this kids movie), an awful soundtrack and humor that is as thin and flat as Morticia Addams. The entire time the movie was playing I just didn’t care about anything going on or what happened to the characters. The movie is so lazy that the bad guys are chasing the Addams family and always manage to find them. How did they know where the Addams family would be? We have no idea. The writers were too lazy to at least say there was a tracking device on their vehicle or something that would have made a shred of sense. Speaking of their vehicle, even minor things that may be considered a nitpick were still noticeable. When the family first sets out near the beginning of the movie, they have their huge vehicle with all their luggage stacked high on top of it. We get a wide shot of them driving away and see the gate to their property in the distance. We can clearly see that the gate is so low that the vehicle wouldn’t be able to get through and at minimum, all the luggage would be knocked off. Yet in the next shot, we cut to outside of the gate with them driving along as if nothing happened. While not a huge deal, it just felt lazy, like the film makers weren’t even trying. The lazy, predictable, unfunny script is one of the worst in recent memory for a kids movie. The movie’s finale devolves into a mish mash of images and lights that assault your senses but by that point, you will just be happy that the end is only moments away. If you have kids, find something else to watch. There is a reason that MGM and United Artists Releasing are not known for their strong animated movies. Stick to Disney, Pixar or even Dreamworks for your animated needs.

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