4/10 A movie that wants to be stirring Oscar bait but devolves into leftist, anti-white propaganda, “Blue Bayou” ends up being heavy handed and losing any solid messaging along the way. There are a few strong elements on display worth noting. Alicia Vikander gives the movie’s standout performance and continues to display her massive talent. The movie’s score from Roger Suen is memorable and fitting for the story being told. A subplot involving Linh Dan Pham as Parker was one of the most moving aspects of the movie that I’m glad was included. The movie brings awareness to legally adopted children being deported when they grow up into adulthood in America, an issue that most people, right or left, can admit is problematic at best. Unfortunately for the movie’s message, any strong points are completely undercut by its far left portrayal of law enforcement and its racist portrayal of white people. The script wants us to root for its two protagonists who both make terrible decisions, including lead Justin Chon as Antonio who is a felon, continues to commit crimes, lies to his loved ones and is financially irresponsible. It is hard to root for your leads when they are pretty unlikeable people. Then then movie portrays the majority of police officers and ICE agents as the villains who are abusive and racist but the movie’s criminals are seen as the good guys. At nearly two hours long, the movie goes on too long and begins to drag in the third act, which will have you glancing at your watch to try and figure out how much time is left. The movie is shot in almost a home video style with grainy imagery for stylistic purposes but it brought absolutely nothing to the movie and was more distracting than anything else. Despite the few fine performances (Sydney Kowalske as Jessie looks like she could realistically be Vikander’s daughter in real life) and the impressive score, cliché writing, unlikeable characters and a far left political ideology destroying what could have been a unifying message bring this movie from what could have been quality entertainment down to what feels like an overly long lecture from an out of touch director that will leave you feeling blue.

#BayouOfColor / #AliciaVikPander / #MayIBayouATattoo? / #TheMotorcycleInquiries / #TheAceBeyondThePines / #FallingDrown

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