7.5/10 “War Room”, “Courageous”, “Fireproof”, “Facing the Giants”, “Overcomer”, etc. Most Christian movies have strong messages of hope and faith, especially if you are a believer, yet are plagued by cheesiness and low production values, often made by more inexperienced film makers. Christians enjoy these movies for their moral value but most non-religious people are turned off by how cheesy they are. I knew nothing about “Show Me the Father” and didn’t even watch the trailer beforehand but knew it came from film makers who had made some Christian movies with strong, religious messages but that were extremely over the top and sentimental. Imagine my shock when I found myself genuinely moved by this film. I’d imagine that a large part of that has to do with the fact that this is a documentary telling true, moving stories and not a drama with no name actors. As you might be able to tell by the title, this documentary focuses on fatherhood. I loved that near the beginning of the film, we get some onscreen text about how statistically important fatherhood is. We see the hard data on how much more likely someone is to commit crimes, become homeless, commit suicide, etc. if they grow up without a father in their home. Society often complains about “toxic masculinity” when in reality, the real problem is a lack of masculinity and strong, masculine fathers/role models for young boys/teenagers. We hear several personal stories revolving around what it means to be a father, what a father’s role should look like and how people are impacted by either a good or a bad father, growing up. The vast majority of the film are direct interviews but the B roll footage was strong as well. One story in particular had a shocking twist near the end of the film that was incredibly moving and inspiring. If the goal of these faith based films are to reach out to a non-religious audience to try to lead them to faith, something like this, telling true, emotionally moving stories is a much better way to do so than the usual, low budget, cheesy, Christian dramas. I was prepared for an eye rolling experience, not knowing what I was getting into but was humbled by the brief time I spent in the theater watching this. I was moved to tears at multiple points in the film, as was my mother. Even if you are not religious, I’ve always felt it is good to listen to other people’s perspectives that you may not agree with, to see where they are coming from to better emphasize with them. Non-religious people would do themselves a favor to occasionally watch films like this and religious people would do themselves a favor to watch films about atheism and other subject matter that challenges their beliefs. Confirmation bias and echo chambers generally don’t do people any favors. While there are a couple of cheesy moments in this movie and I will always have mixed feelings about film makers putting themselves in their own films, this is one of the strongest faith based films I’ve seen in recent memory and a well made documentary, regardless of what the subject matter is. Inspiring for people who have struggles with their own father (or lack thereof), “Show Me the Father” is the rare, Christian film I would recommend to believers and non-believers alike.

#YouDadBro? / #DaddyShack / #DadTV / #Dadteronomy / #Luke15:20IAmYourFather / #NFLNobleFatherLeadership

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