5.5/10 I don’t think I’ve ever said this in a film review before but you can essentially toss my 5.5/10 score out of the window. You will either find this movie insanely stupid and a waste of time or amazing for its insane third act. If you know what you are getting into and set your expectations accordingly, you might end up more in the middle like I did. Unfortunately for director James Wan, the first and second act are nothing special at all. The horror aspects have been done better (even by Wan himself) and we get the clichés of flickering lights, TVs/radios turning on by themselves, jump scares, etc. There was nothing scary or inspiring from the horror aspects, which felt disappointing coming from a solid horror director. Another problem early on is that for some reason every scene with the police/crime scene investigators felt like they were from some network TV sitcom like “CSI” or “Law & Order”. It has this cheesy network TV feel to it, including the nerdy but cute side kick who is introduced and at first seemed flirty with the main cop, only to get completely abandoned later on. There are other minor problems as well. Electronic devices play a key role in the movie as the main villain communicates through electronic devices, which is fine. Yet I don’t know how many millennials in their mid-30s today have and use an old radio (I’ve yet to meet them) and there is another scene where someone’s attic has a PA/speaker system and a radio, which is another thing that felt forced in for the sake of the plot but not for realism. A shoot out scene involving cops has probably 25 cops shooting at the villain and not getting a single hit in. They made the Storm Troopers look accurate by comparison and it just felt unbelievable. In true horror movie fashion, characters do stupid things including a woman going to an abandoned hospital alone at night to look around. To make matters worse, the scene prior shows her driving there, probably 30 minutes away in broad daylight and when it cuts to her arriving, it is suddenly pitch black outside, making the timeline make absolutely no sense. Overall if this is sounding like a bad, cliché horror movie, it is because it is…until the final third act plot twist that was so batshit crazy in a cheesy B horror movie kind of way that I admired the Hell out of it. The fact that they went with this twist put a huge grin on my face and I admire the balls it took to come up with the ending and give it 100%. Added to the plot turn was the impressive nature in how some of the end scenes were practically filmed, the movement/choreography from the villain, some inspired cinematography and the over the top blood/gore, which added to the fun. The movie’s score was part of the cheesy B movie feel but was very fitting and I loved the visual effects in scene transitions where our protagonist was transported to different locations as her current setting melts into a different one. The generic dialogue, lack of scares and lackluster script bring the movie down but thank God for the last half an hour where horror fans will have a ton of fun and the plot twist alone makes this a movie worth looking into if horror is a genre you enjoy.

#TwoFacedBitch / #DoubleCrossed / #UnderTheTwin / #WanHellOfATwist / #ComeFromBehindVictory / #BodyOfLies2

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