4.5/10 After a surprisingly impressive debut season, the second and final season takes a rather sharp decline in quality, which I am sure was partly what contributed to lower ratings and the show’s cancellation, despite the plot setting up for a third season that would never come to fruition. This second season manages to get a few things right but is far less engaging than season one. As for what worked, let’s dive into a few of those aspects. Flashback sequences were heavily utilized this season which effectively provided some crucial backstory that we didn’t get to see in the first season. This also enabled several deceased characters to return or at least make cameos which was enjoyable. The “Abbies” played a bigger role this season and we got to see more of how they work/function and the society that they have established for themselves. The darker aspects of this season really worked as well. Not only do we get some grisly violence that may be quick but never shied away from but this season also excels when it doesn’t back down from more adult subject matter. This season touches upon underage preteens having sex to repopulate the planet as well as incest. While disturbing content, the writers had some balls not to shy away from these topics and I actually think it strengthened the season. The plot also doesn’t just repeat what the first season offered so I appreciated that it tried something new, even if what it tried didn’t always work out. Speaking of what didn’t work out, now we can take a look into what didn’t work and why this season was a disappointment. The worst part of this season is that we lost what made the first season so effective…the mystery. Season one was a slow burn of figuring out what the Hell was going on as our protagonist slowly figured everything out for himself. The mystery of wondering what was unfolding and all of the unanswered questions kept us tuned in to have our own questions answered. However, this season we largely already know everything and the few remaining unanswered questions aren’t nearly as important or fascinating as the questions from last season. Besides the mystery no longer existing, a couple characters from season one are killed off in unceremoniously, anti-climactic ways that felt more like the actors didn’t want to come back for a second season so Fox had to figure out quick, uneventful ways to hurriedly kill them off. Another big problem is that so many of the new characters introduced this season are just far less interesting than the characters from last season. The new lead protagonist, a doctor, lacked charisma and just felt boring most of the time. A love triangle involves a young muscular man who was underdeveloped and didn’t have much of a personality. One of the lead human villains and leader of Wayward Pines was so annoying and spineless in his Hitler Youth outfits (the brown shirts were too spot on/over the top) that I refused to believe he would not have been overthrown in a mutiny at some point over the past few years. Scenes with crowds always felt cheesy as extras overreacted to what was going on and while the position of sheriff was an extremely important role in season one, it is totally abandoned this season as there is no sheriff and the position isn’t even mentioned as to why. I found myself caring far less this season with what happened and the character of Adam Hassler starts off interesting this season but his subplot is completely abandoned by the end of the show. The declining writing, uninteresting/underdeveloped characters and lack of suspense and mystery make me far less disappointed that this show was cancelled than I would have been if this season was nearly as well done as season one. If you enjoyed the first season you can quickly binge watch season two just to finish the story but keep your expectations vastly lower than you may have had them for the debut season.

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