5.5/10 Like many movies, “Old” is one that you will enjoy watching but once the end credits begin to roll and you start thinking more and more about what just unfolded, you will realize all of the plot holes and how much of the movie makes no sense and is inconsistent. Before we get into all of those specific, spoiler free issues, I will give the movie credit where credit is due. The running time is lean so the pacing is strong and you will be entertained from start to finish. The movie never wastes any time on unnecessary moments. Overall the acting is solid and the score was strong and set the tone well. The movie is darker and grislier than I anticipated and had the balls to kill off characters that most movies shy away from, which I admired. The visuals are great in that the beauty of this tropical, inviting beach lures you in only for the horrifying reality to set in. Most horror movies take place in dirty, dark locations (think of the bathroom from the original “Saw” or isolated cabins in the woods) but to place horrific events in such a gorgeous location was an interesting contradiction that I enjoyed. The cinematography harkened back to Shyamalan in his prime with the first four films he directed with slow camera pans moving left to right and vice versa to slowly reveal interesting moments. The concept (based off of a graphic novel) is a fascinating one, however, that brings us to the movie’s problems. As I mentioned in my opening, many aspects are half baked and contradict the rules that this fictional universe establishes. If you’ve watched the trailer you will see that this beach has people age incredibly quickly (one year for every 30 minutes). Yet the movie says that hair and finger/toe nails don’t grow quickly because they are dead cells. Yet a body decomposes at a rapid rate which contradicts this rule. Lots of people have passed away on this beach so there should be a massive bone graveyard with bones everywhere but there are only a few kitchenware utensils from the hotel where there should be tons of bones, backpacks, sunscreen bottles, etc. The villains can’t enter the beach to remove all of the people’s items for fear of getting trapped on the beach so where did everyone’s personal items go? Even if time is sped up, they wouldn’t decompose for ages. No one tells their respective families where they are going on vacation for people to report their family as missing all from the same island to the authorities. Cuts and wounds heal quickly yet someone is stabbed to death which shouldn’t really happen if each stab wound heals quickly and is therefore not fatal. Characters make very stupid decisions as it even takes our group of characters a long time to figure out that everyone is aging rapidly. Characters try to hide a knife and stick it in a bag which is a terrible hiding spot. They could have buried the knife anywhere randomly in the sand and no one would know/remember where it specifically was buried or it could have been thrown in the ocean or thrown deep enough into the caves where people cannot venture out. The only good idea of escape offered by a group member is never even attempted, which seemed silly. Different actors are used as the children age but the adults lazily just have some old people makeup slapped on them and we are supposed to believe they aged rapidly, which didn’t help that cause. The ending also has a final scene that was way too on the nose and if the movie would have ended one scene earlier, the ending would have been much stronger. While definitely a fascinating and interesting movie to watch, “Old” has far too many script issues that make this movie fall apart under closer examination. If you completely turn off your brain you might enjoy it but the moment you begin critically and logically thinking about what is happening, your enjoyment will begin to plummet as the logical fallacies begin to…grow old.

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