7/10 2016 feels like a lifetime ago but that year is when “Don’t Breathe” turned into one of the surprise hits of the summer. Not only was it extremely profitable for Sony Pictures but it was a flat out solid film with this website giving it a strong 7.5/10. Five years later (originally four but the China Virus pushed it back a year), we get a follow up that at first I couldn’t tell if it was a prequel or a sequel. Apparently it is a sequel taking place years after the first film (which still holds up well upon a recent rewatch) but regardless of chronological timeline, this is another solid entry. It is unclear if the film makers intend to make this a trilogy or just end it after this one but I guess time will tell. While just a hair beneath the first film in terms of quality, this accomplishes many of the same achievements that the first film did. As for what did not work, however, there are a few problems worth mentioning. We know our lead, blind protagonist is a badass, physically intimidating former Navy SEAL but there is only so much disbelief the audience can suspend when it comes to the feats he can accomplish as a blind man. I’m more inclined to believe he can know where everything and everyone is at in his own home where he spends all of his time but at the end of the film he is still able to have an almost Daredevil like sensibility of knowing what is happening all around him in a place that is foreign to him and I often had a hard time buying it. Several moments just felt over the top in terms of what he was able to do and keep on trucking. The villains in the film go about their plan in a rather dumb way and I feel like they could have lured him outside via his dog and then shot him with a rifle from a mild distance away. Yet since the film has to happen, the screenplay doesn’t allow the villains to have much common sense. A dog in the film also changes loyalty at an unbelievable speed. Despite several unrealistic moments and villains with their heads up their butts, this film has a lot to offer, especially if you enjoyed the first film. The stakes are higher this time around, the plot takes some unexpected twists and turns I did not seem coming and the action and violence has been upped and is extremely well done. The film is nonstop with excellent pacing as the plot is constantly being driven forward. The acting is strong and we get the same claustrophobic, dark tones that the first film gave us five years ago. The first film made the blind man out to be more of a villain where this film gives him a more empathetic character arc of redemption, trying to save a little girl from some meth addicts who put Hunter Biden to shame. There is plenty of creativity on display and I dug the “Home Alone” for adults vibe that the beginning of the film had. If you enjoyed the first film then this is on par with it and a worthy follow up that may not quite achieve the same level of quality of the first film but comes pretty damn close. I recommend both of these films and if a third one is in the cards, I will hold my breath with anticipation.

#TheEyeInside / #PhoenixTransplant / #TheBlindLeadingTheKind / #BlindestRegards / #RoamAlone / #AWomanAfterYourOwnHeart

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