7.5/10 What do you get when you take “The Twilight Zone” combined with Stephen King and sprinkle in some “The Truman Show” with “Lost”? You get “Wayward Pines”, which made me remember that basic network TV shows can still be solid. I’m so used to watching shows on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, etc. that I forget that shows from ABC, Fox, NBC, etc. can still hit the mark once in a while, despite not having the budgets of these big streaming services. Before I explain why this show is worth your time and I recommend it, I will get the negative aspects out of the way first. Despite my enjoyment of the series, it does borrow quite a bit from the aforementioned other series I listed off in my intro. Certain aspects will feel familiar, especially if you read/watch a bit of Stephen King. There are also individual moments that don’t make much sense and/or are inconsistent (for example, we are told some creatures have a sense of smell that is something like 20 times better than humans yet humans super close by are able to sneak around them without being detected, which I didn’t buy for a second). The show’s main villain is extremely intelligent yet makes some absolutely stupid decisions which felt a little off to me. While the vast majority of the acting was strong, a couple of performances underwhelmed me. Finally, the score was very forgettable and I wasn’t the biggest fan of the theme music. That being said, almost all of those critiques are rather minor and don’t drastically take away from the show’s excitement and enjoyment. Despite the familiarity, this debut season takes many interesting twists and turns with the plot. The first few episodes have you thinking one thing but as the show continues to unfold and we learn more and more, the scope widens and we discover some fascinating revelations. The special effects and creature make-up were surprisingly effective and well done and I loved that the show had the balls to kill off characters. The pacing was particularly strong and with ten episodes running roughly 45 minutes each, this is a show you can binge watch rather quickly, as I did. Characters get some strong development as we get a well balanced mix of drama, science fiction, action and romance. Each genre is given appropriate time so the tone/mood of the show stays consistent. They were actually able to bring in a solid cast with some Oscar nominated/winning actors which added to the show’s quality. Despite some dumb character decisions and borrowing from other books/films/shows, the unraveling mystery, great visuals, strong cast and plot twists make “Wayward Pines” a place worth visiting in your spare time.

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