2/10 After recently praising the second and final season of “The Purge” TV series on USA Network for having less political propaganda than the weaker, first season, the movie franchise has gotten more and more belligerent with its radical, leftist politics with each passing entry. From the opening credits and an opening horse taming scene, I could tell the over the top, in your face, racist political propaganda the movie was about to spew. The propaganda never lets up for the entire duration of the movie. I rolled my eyes so often that I thought my eyes might get permanently stuck in the back of my head. Besides the horrendous messaging, the movie just doesn’t work. With an extremely weak screenplay from franchise creator and radical leftist James DeMonaco, the characters are all so one dimensional and under developed that even when action is happening and the protagonists’ lives are at risk, we don’t care about who lives or dies because we barely know these characters enough to give a damn about them. Speaking of the action, although this was the most action packed Purge movie to date, director Everardo Gout makes terrible directorial decisions which greatly hampers the effectiveness of the action. The lighting is so low that you can barely see what is going on and the quick, choppy editing only exacerbates that problem. The movie also drags a bit, largely because we don’t care what is going on. I re-watched every Purge movie and reviewed the TV series leading up to this and on the movie side, these movies have become extremely repetitive over the course of the past decade. DeMonaco created a formula with these movies and has not deviated much from it in the last ten years. I will give the movie credit where credit is due. Just as the second season of the TV show changed things up by largely not taking place on Purge night, this movie largely takes place in the days following the Purge, which I enjoyed. Ana de la Reguera is the only well-developed character (even though her backstory was laughable and unbelievable) and gave a strong performance. Even though the action was poorly directed, I enjoyed the increase in action that the movie injected into it for some excitement. Positive aspects aside, the villain was predictable and cliché as Hell, the score was forgettable and the end credits song will make your ears bleed. This was supposed to be the last movie in this franchise (please God, yes!) but now there have been rumblings that another installment could surface. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, pray to whatever God you serve that “The Forever Purge” (which should have been the fourth installment so it could have been called “The 4Ever Purge”) puts the final nail into the coffin of this sharply declining franchise once and for all.

#TheBoreEverPurge / #FromDuskTillYawn / #BigSlur / #AmericanViolent / #ExtendAnOliveRanch / #TheWorstPurge

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