6.5/10 The final season in a series that flew by rather quickly, this third season is easily better than the first season but falls short of the show’s peak in season two. A complaint I had with the debut season was too many filler episodes. Episodes where the plot doesn’t advance at all due to a series of inconsequential events taking place to fill the episode count. Most of the second season pushed the plot forward and season three falls in the middle. The first half of this final season did have a lot of filler episodes that seemed like a waste of time but once the second half of the season came around, the plot moved full speed ahead. In defense of the filler episodes this season, while they didn’t move the plot forward at all, they did help with character development and backstory so they were not a total waste. If you did eliminate every filler episode from all three seasons, you probably could have told this story in two seasons. Besides half of the season being filler, I had a few other minor complaints. The ending is rather predictable and goes exactly the way you think it will. There was also an unanswered question involving Zuko’s mother that the final episode brings up knowing it will never address the issue further since the show is ending. To act like you will find out more answers to come, knowing full well that the show is over was a strange and bad decision on the part of the writers. Complaints aside, the second half of the season was action packed, the score this season was solid (the last four-part episode had the best music in the entire series) and the show did have strong character development. Seeing Aang grapple with becoming the Avatar and not knowing if he can take a life or not, Zuko’s internal battle between right and wrong, Toph’s decision to leave her family for a better life, etc. Essentially every main character grows and changes throughout the course of the show from when they are introduced until the final, climactic episode and that is great character writing. The show did fly by as I prepare to watch the live action movie (my expectations are extremely low from all I’ve read and heard) but with Netflix about to start filming a new live action TV series, I will be curious to see where that show ends up in terms of quality. There is a bit they can correct from this animated show but this show succeeded in an interesting premise and very memorable/fun characters that I enjoyed spending time with more and more as the show progressed. If you can get past the first, disappointing season, you might find yourself in your…element.

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