4.5/10 After “F9” and now with “Black Widow”, it appears that summer 2021 is the summer of FAMILY as this movie follows the “Fast & Furious” formula in terms of ridiculous and unbelievable moments with cars mixed in with family bonding with people who are not blood relatives. While this is better than the horrendous “F9”, “Black Widow” is fun to watch in the moment but when you stop to think about it the movie gets dumber and dumber with each passing realization. Since “Avengers: Endgame” was the last Marvel film on the big screen and such an epic, record breaking climax, people tend to forget that throughout the history of the MCU, Marvel has had a long standing problem with forgettable scores and more importantly, forgettable villains. Outside of Thanos and Loki, how many Marvel villains can you name from memory? I’ll wait…”Black Widow” continues these trends with a forgettable score and a villain who is barely in the movie and has a ridiculous plan for not getting killed. Instead of programming the widows to never harm him, which would have been easily doable since he can even program them to kill themselves, his plan is that the pheromones he releases will be what prevents widows from hurting him. Considering these women can rig explosives or shoot from far distances with a sniper rifle, it makes no sense that someone hasn’t killed their abusive puppet master by now. There is also a throwaway line that he has been able to “stay above the radar”, as opposed to below, by being in a giant base/ship in the sky, which with satellites and modern technology would actually be super easy to find. Several of the characters we are supposed to be rooting for get lots of innocent people killed and the character of Melina (Rachel Weisz) is morally the worst person in the movie yet we are supposed to care because she does one good deed after years of horrific acts. Speaking of characters, Taskmaster is completely changed from the comics (for the worse) just so the screenwriters can make the character tie in closer with Black Widow. Many comic book fans are upset and their anger is not unwarranted. Black Widow is a human, not a superhuman nor a God and doesn’t have armor like Iron Man, yet she survives multiple scenes where she would clearly die. Several scenes defy the laws of physics, another thing “F9” did. The plot is pretty ridiculous and the screenwriters borrowed heavily from other MCU films like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” for example. Despite all of the stupidity and the fact that the writers/director who were hired were either inexperienced diversity hires or have dodgy past credits to their name, the movie does manage to do several things correctly. The movie follows in the footsteps of other Marvel movies (good and bad) of at least being fun, having (mostly) fantastic visual effects and a strong cast. Scarlett Johansson has played this character for over a decade and could play Natasha in her sleep. The real stand out of the entire movie was Florence Pugh, who continues to shine in everything she is in. The movie’s only successful humor came from her dead pan delivery of her lines, she pulled off the Russian accent and was able to handle the physicality of the role. Her onscreen chemistry and screen presence are palpable. The action scenes are intense and well choreographed and the end credit scene had me intrigued for what comes next. If you completely turn off your brain, you will enjoy how fun the movie is and despite the movie being over two hours long, the pacing is fine so you will never grow bored. A movie that should have been made a decade ago, “Black Widow” could have been a raging success in the hands of a better, more experienced creative team. However, following the most epic MCU film with a rather forgettable one makes this an MCU movie that no one will rush to revisit.

#FlorencePewPewPew / #WidowOfColor / #TaskmasterFailedSuccessfully / #TheWomanInTheWidow / #FightingWithMyFamily2 / #RedRoomForImprovement

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