3.5/10 As a former choir boy who absolutely loves musicals, I couldn’t have been more disappointed by “In the Heights”, an alienating adaptation that is aimed at less than 5% of the US population (left wing people living in NYC). Although I found “Hamilton” to be good but overrated, “In the Heights” ills in comparison to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s other, more popular musical. Since most people in Hollywood (including film critics) tend to be left leaning, it explains why this unremarkable movie got such high praise from Rotten Tomatoes critics. And don’t get me wrong, if you lean left and enjoy musicals, you will probably enjoy this. The movie gets a few things right. The casting is extremely well done and our leading men and women display unbelievable amounts of talent. The choreography was amazing and the locations were used well (a swimming pool scene looked incredible, minus some unsettling arm motions). A few scenes highlighted some decent direction (dancing sideways on a building which wasn’t completely original but was a great way to spice things up). Talented performers aside, the script had a lot of problems. The biggest problem being that none of these songs stayed with me after the movie ended. Even if a musical falls short, you can generally get at least a great song of two out of it (see “Frozen II” for example). As for the script, the entire movie is a story being told to four children, which is a plot device that has been done many times (“The Princess Bride” for example) but that didn’t bother me. What did bother me was the dialogue that the four young children were saying felt extremely unrealistic to how children speak and behave. They even laughed at stuff that children wouldn’t find funny. The plot is full of clichés and underdeveloped characters. The movie found itself in a ridiculous controversy as woke morons complained about the lack of Afro-Latino representation. Essentially, the Latino/a people in the movie were too light skinned, which sounds like a pretty racist complaint to me. Yet the true controversy that no one will talk about was the movie’s portrayal of white people. White people are almost non-existent in the movie and the ones that pop up are either lowly movers/garbage men, privileged rich people getting an apartment over the Latina who wants it or rude/obnoxious/fat. While not offended by this (since I am not a child), it was something I definitely noticed and that is becoming more and more common in Hollywood these days as they continue to alienate everyone outside of the elitist LA/NY circles. Speaking of which, because Hollywood puts films in LA/NY/Chicago, etc. so often, these cities have become giant clichés. Many New Yorkers are pretentious (including film makers like Noah Baumbach and excluding the great Martin Scorsese) and this movie has a pretentious cloud looming over it the entire time. When the opening song includes several New York City street names and references to train lines, no one outside of NYC is going to care (and no one did judging by the horrendous box office grosses). Coming in at about two and a half hours, the movie drags in the middle and contains many eye rolling moments. Some fun energy and electric performances can’t save this borderline propaganda from a leftist’s wet dream of a movie. Stick to “Hamilton” as “In the Heights” is in the pits.

#IllegalAlienatingMovie / #InTheHeightsWithNoWhites / #BennyFromTheBlock / #StraightOuttaBrooklyn / #WonTheGeneticLottery / #BrooklynNineNinetySixThousand

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