8/10 Three years ago I gave “A Quiet Place” a 7.5/10 and praised a lot about the film, including the incredible (and Oscar nominated) sound editing/mixing and writer/director/actor Krasinski proving he has what it takes to potentially be a great director if he maintains this level of quality work. Well after a year’s delay due to the China virus we finally have the follow up film that Krasinski wrote (he didn’t write the first film) in addition to his acting flashback and directing again. I can now say with great confidence that Krasinski is a writer/director to take extremely seriously as he not only knocks this film out of the park, but delivers what I think is slightly even better than the first, impressive film in this series. The opening prologue/flashback was wonderful as we get to not only see Krasinski acting again but also see “Day 1” of the alien invasion and how the creatures even came to Earth. From there the film picks up exactly where the first film left off and we see the excellent Emily Blunt as she now has to take care of her two young kids and one baby completely on her own and what a struggle that is. You really feel for all she goes through and the responsibilities that come along with being a single parent during the apocalypse. The kids are a little more grown up (since this was filmed two years after they filmed the first one) but still have struggles of their own. The daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds goes from a moody, young girl in the first film to a total badass with great intelligence and determination in this film. Seeing her character grow, mature and develop was fun to witness and an example of the strength of Krasinski’s screenplay. Noah Jupe as the son has to help take care of the baby while nursing his injuries and seeing both children step up in their responsibilities in their father’s absence was something special. Newcomer to the franchise Cillian Murphy was also fantastic and gives us someone to root for in Krasinski’s absence. Despite the lack of his onscreen presence, Krasinski’s influence is felt by his masterful directing the entire picture. There are two different scenes that have multiple characters and locations being cross cut edited back and forth, similar to how in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” we cut between the duel with Darth Maul, young Anakin flying in space, the droid/Gungan battle and Queen Amidala in a fight of her own during that movie’s climax. Here we cut back and forth between several characters in perilous danger and Krasinski’s direction paired with the phenomenal editing and Marco Beltrami’s subtle yet effective score perfectly builds the tension further and further and I loved every second of it. This is simply a well-acted, fantastically written, expertly directed, entertaining film that will stir your emotions and thrill, shock and excite you. As for the minor flaws that didn’t work, there are a couple but they won’t detract from what a great film this is. The first one involved a scene with Simmonds and Murphy. Simmonds is deaf so she has to read lips. Murphy is sitting next to her (as opposed to across from her) and not only were his lips/mouth not directly facing her but when the camera cut to Simmonds, her eyes were looking into his eyes and not at his lips/mouth, meaning she would have had no idea what he was saying. Also, a place in the second half of the film that was extremely isolated had running water, power, etc. and with the world at a standstill and most people dead, there was no explanation of how this isolated area was able to generate a ton of electricity/power and clean, running water. Finally, a boat floats a long way away when in reality it would have been brought back to the shore based upon its location. Minor quibbles aside, the film’s ending was fantastic because it closes the second chapter but leads right into a third, upcoming installment, which I cannot wait for. We will be receiving a spinoff from a different director and a different cast in 2023, but let’s hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for “A Quiet Place Part III”.

#GiveMeLibertyOrGiveMeDeaf / #SneakyBlinders / #TheIsland2 / #StarringBruteMcNairy / #OurLandIsCrisis / #SilenceOfTheMans

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