5.5/10 Something the Purge franchise has in common is that generally all of the films within it have a great premise and interesting jumping off point but end up in either mediocrity or inferiority due to a lack of (no pun intended) execution and extreme political propaganda. While re-watching each film to pregame for this as well as “The Forever Purge” (review coming soon), I did find myself thinking how well this alternate universe would take place in long form, television format. The movies feel rushed and by having a TV show, you could not only take your time developing characters and letting the plot unfold slowly but there are so many aspects of the Purge that I often wondered about. Are hospitals off limits to people purging? If so, wouldn’t people flood them just to avoid getting murdered? If not, hospitals would be easy targets for everyone to get murdered so you’d think you wouldn’t want to be there. This universe poses so many questions and although in regards to hospitals, this show doesn’t address that concern, we are benefited by getting a longer format for this story. We get an almost Alejandro González Iñárritu style story with multiple characters and plot lines eventually converging together which works effectively. Seeing multiple aspects, locations and characters all within the same night worked extremely well as a concept. Where this season falls short was in terms of the cheesiness, coincidences and its own obvious political agenda, which are three problems most of the movies struggle with. As a Marine myself watching one of the main characters who is a Marine, I could clearly tell that the writers know nothing about the Marine Corps and how Marines actually speak. A lot of his dialogue in particular (and a few other characters’ dialogue) was pretty cheesy and over the top. In regards to coincidences, in a large city of people purging, our main characters were always able to run into whoever they needed to or run into who they were trying to avoid. One way a character is able to track down so many people on purge night is explained with some magical spray from the military that lets you track people for weeks after they’ve been sprayed, despite showering, swimming, etc. This is not a real thing and I found that explanation to be pretty laughable and silly. A small tracking device on a car or in a purse would have been a much better, more realistic explanation. With only 12 hours to purge, no time was wasted on characters getting to where they needed to go because they never ran into an obstacle that took them more than ten minutes to get past. A few coincidences to keep the story moving forward is one thing but the obscene amount of them here became too much to overlook. As far as politics, depending upon your own political beliefs, you will either love or hate that side of the show. The politics stay consistent from the movies but as someone who doesn’t agree with the political propaganda being pushed, it left me feeling alienated and wishing they didn’t make these movies/show so political. The acting is a rather mixed bag with some performances leaving much to be desired but other actors like Amanda Warren putting in solid work. Overall, seeing the series unfold over 10 episodes while expanding the universe and keeping with the adult content is a step in the right direction that gets me excited for the second and final season but I hope they can improve on the writing that continuously brings down an otherwise brilliant premise.

#OnThePurgeOfGreatness / #ANationRetorn / #MournOnTheFourthOfJuly / #BooRah / #NewImpoundingFathersOfAmerica / #AnUppurgeInCrime

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