8/10 After giving the first season a 4/10 (to the anger of multiple family members) and not looking forward to season 2, I am as thrilled as I am pleasantly surprised that season 2 is a night and day improvement over the first season. Before I get into why this season is a complete turnaround from the disappointment of the debut season, I will get the couple of complaints out of the way. The cheesy sound effects, some ridiculous moments in certain episodes (“The Desert” had several), a few moments of bad looking animation (which stands out all the more since overall the animation was better this season) and Sokka still being an annoying character carry over from the show’s first season. Luckily, Sokka isn’t quite as annoying and the rest of our characters continue to get developed as we are introduced to some great new characters like Toph, who is a wonderful addition. Zuko’s Uncle Iroh is also one of the show’s best characters, providing some much needed elderly wisdom. Despite new and improved characters, the real reason this season is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous season is because of the plot, story and scripts. Many episodes in the first season seemed like pointless filler episodes that may slightly entertain but don’t move the story forward. This season, almost every episode was engaging, developed characters, drove the story forward and had interesting and unexpected twists and turns. Whereas in the first season I had no motivation to go onto the next episode and found my mind wandering while watching, this sophomore season had me focused in on what was happening and excited to start the next episode. Especially by the climactic end of the season, we got to see better action, betrayals, fun set pieces and see the plot take interesting turns. The fun factor improved as the stakes were also higher and I loved that the season didn’t resolve every issue and ends on somewhat of a downer with our heroes struggling as we head into the third and final season. Almost every aspect from the storyline to the pacing to the score to the action improved as the writers have found their groove and like the audience, know these characters better. Even a filler episode (“The Tales of Ba Sing Se”) was a fun break from the regular season and spiced things up. I find myself excited for season three to see how the story ends and reaffirmed in my belief that one should always stick with a show even after one bad or mediocre season because often season 2 is lightyears ahead of the first season (“The Office” comes to mind). I’m finally starting to understand the show’s hype and look forward to the last season of The Last Airbender.

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