3.5/10 An emotional movie with a strong religious message, “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles” sadly falls short due to the same follies that befall many faith based films; their cheesiness and low budgets. The story of a girl who believes in miracles and has Jesus perform them through her, only for skeptics to doubt her and the miracles she performs to take a toll on her health. The story is fine for a religious movie and it was almost refreshing to see a faith based film not based on a true story for once. The leading little lady and “Girl” that the title refers to is Austyn Johnson who I’ve never seen act before but at the young age of 14 I could see why she got the leading role as she is very talented and even more so than the material she is working with. This is a movie that will only attract religious people because the cheesy factor will turn away any non-religious folks. There are several utterly ridiculous moments that happen in the movie with teenage drivers who are apparently blind, trees falling in the worst spot at the most inconvenient moment, a wolf appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, etc. Jesus not only helps our leading lady perform miracles but because the plot calls for it for foreshadowing purposes, Jesus also makes her an artist prodigy. The grandfather in the film is praying in one scene and refers to some of the stuff he wasn’t proud of that he did while serving in the Army. Yet inside his house above the fire place mantel was a giant emblem of the Marine Corps. Mistakes like that might be minor but they are noticeable. There was some very questionable CGI involving falling trees and even kicking a soccer ball. Halfway through the movie I thought of another movie released recently, “The Unholy” where a girl performs miracle too but it is Satan working through her to deceive believers. It made me think of how this movie could turn on a dime into a horror movie but luckily that was only in my imagination. Yet the movie made me wonder. Since the girl would pray and then Jesus would perform the miracle through her, why not pray for all blind people to see or all crippled people to walk or all hunger in the world to cease? I guess she had to be touching the hands of who she prayed for but they never say that out loud. In the end, some ridiculously cheesy moments, dialogue and CGI distract from a wonderful lead performance, strong emotional material that had my mother and I in tears and a strong religious message for people of faith. You’re better of sticking with “The Passion of the Christ”, “Silence”, “The Ten Commandments” or “Ben-Hur”, which appeals to a much larger audience anyways if you are looking for a solid, religious film.

#DogsNotDead / #BenHercules / #MiracleOnTheHopkins / #DoYouBelieve2 / #ShockAndDraw / #PrayAndNeuterYourPets

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