4/10 In the past couple months I’ve reviewed “Our Friend” and “The World to Come”. Now with “Every Breath You Take”, I have completed the 2021 Casey Affleck “Marital Woes” trilogy. While Affleck is an Oscar winning, talented actor, he ends this unconnected trilogy on a low note, with what ends up being a “Cape Fear” rip off. If you watch the trailer for this movie you may get a familiar feeling. That is in large part to the fact that this story has been done many other times before. Despite the talented cast and the few aspects that work well here, the movie provides nothing new and falls into predictable territory by the end of the movie. If you have never seen “Cape Fear” or other movies in this wheelhouse, you might find yourself surprised and enjoying the twists and turns the plot takes but since the trailer gives too much away and in combination with people like me who have seen similar films, there wasn’t much to offer me here. The movie gets credit for being well made and entertaining, with an attractive cast to maintain your interest from start to finish. It is just a shame that the movie has a forgettable score, takes completely predictable turns from start to finish and has been done better before by more talented film makers. Another problem is that the movie skips over so many of the details that if we stop and question them, we realize much of the narrative falls apart. If someone is truly a mentally deranged psychopath, are they able to control when they are mentally sound and in control and when they lose control? You wouldn’t think so but this movie suggests that it can be done. Also, for a character who seems to not work, how is Sam Clafin’s character able to afford a yacht, a fancy car, etc.? Holding down a six figure job is hard enough for normal people but add in a ton of mental illnesses and I didn’t buy it for a second. Hitting all of the familiar beats that you think it would, plus giant coincidences (this may not be a NY or LA sized city but how is it that Clafin’s character is always able to run into exactly who the story needs him to?) add up to a movie that feels like comfort food. It fills you up and keeps you happy while you consume it, but you will probably feel empty afterwards and wonder why you partook in the first place. A forgettable rental/stream at best, “Every Breath You Take” is still better off as a hit song from “The Police”.

#YawnBabyYawn / #SourceOwed / #MeAbhorYou / #IAmTheTrite / #CapePeer / #RedFlaggs

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