0.5/10 If A24 is consistently the best film studio pumping out quality films today, Saban Films is the antithesis of A24. You have an extremely high likelihood that if “Saban Films” shows up on the screen, you can just walk out immediately. From the studio that brought you 2017’s “Power Rangers” (1/10 review) and the more recent “Sister of the Groom” (2/10), I should have known I was in for a flaming dumpster fire as soon as their studio name popped up on screen. However, like my friend who I saw this with, we were deceived and thought that bigger names like Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo may not have perfect filmographies but surely wouldn’t stoop so low as to sign on to a movie that should never have been made, right? How wrong we were. Willis used to be one of my favorite actors growing up with amazing performances in “Die Hard”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Pulp Fiction”, etc. Now he has sadly gone the way of fantastic acting legends like Nicholas Cage or Robert De Niro who take essentially any role offered to them. Grillo is talented too and been in some solid films so I have no idea what he is doing here. The strong actors usually don’t start taking roles in terrible films until their 60s, which Grillo is not near. While the big name actors phone in their performances, a lot of the no name cast are just terrible actors. The special effects couldn’t be cheesier, some of the bad guys look like if you wanted to buy a Nazgûl/Ringwraith costume from Spirit Halloween and the action is so poorly directed. To save money, I guess the talentless director would usually just show our good guys fighting and pulling the trigger but wouldn’t show the bad guys as often and almost never had a wide shot showing them both at once for spacial context. Speaking of fighting, I am glad to see the military’s rules and regulations thrown out the window and soldiers can have their hair any way they’d like and grow facial hair. So I guess people in the future have that to look forward to. The plot has been done before and the script was truly atrocious with cheesy one liners, unnatural dialogue and annoying, under developed characters. The sets look cheap and the movie is a combination of being forgettable and having you want to forget it as soon as you leave the theater. I have already pushed most of it out of my head to make room for great films, memes and disappointing my parents so thankfully it is almost gone. The only reason I have it a 0.5/10 as opposed to a 0/10 was because the movie’s score (instrumental music) was surprisingly really good. Having a great score in such a disaster of a movie made it feel out of place, like it was meant for a different film of quality. But credit where credit is due as the score was solid. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough reason to ever go near this career low for everyone involved. I hope the writers/director get shot into space so Earth can be rid of them.
#CosmicShit / #PlanetTerra / #CosmicSinCity / #FordBrokeDown / #CinemaCosmicSins / #TheSurgeInfectionFear

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