5.5/10 A gay couple struggles to cope with one of them living with dementia and the downward mental spiral that comes with it as they face tough choices on what to do going forward. If that at all sounds a bit like Oscar bait, it’s because it kind of is. “Supernova” gets some things right but the entire time I watched this movie I couldn’t help but feel it was mainly made for Oscar voters and not many more people outside of them. There are definitely some strong elements that this movie has going for it, however. The best part of the movie is the acting, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci and Oscar winner Colin Firth have been putting in memorable performances for decades now. They continue to act very well here, along with the supporting cast. There are certainly some strong emotional moments that come from the script that I found to be moving as they tugged on my heart strings. There is some beautiful imagery in the movie and the relationship at the center of our story felt real and authentic. Despite these well done aspects, the rest of it fell flat for me. Besides the Oscar bait feel, this just isn’t a memorable movie. It moves slow and drags in a few spots (the beginning in particular), has some clichés in it and isn’t a movie I would ever return to watch again. The movie just kind of happens and by the time the ending credits rolled I wasn’t completely sure what the point was. I was hoping for more. As more and more LGBT movies come out (including the three that I’m reviewing back to back to back this week), you really have to stand out. Films like “Brokeback Mountain” are light years ahead of this, which felt boring in comparison. The score was beautiful and the starry imagery was gorgeous but well done individual elements didn’t add up to a satisfying conclusion because it felt slightly hollow and empty by the end. The ironic thing is that even though this movie screams Oscar bait, it won’t be receiving any Oscar nominations because the quality just isn’t there. If the trailer blew you away (all three of you) then feel free to check this out but I think the vast majority of the population won’t find much here worth seeking out. If you are into these kinds of movies, there are much better options out there. This nova wasn’t so super after all.

#Assanova / #APrivateBore / #FruityAndTheBeast / #StarTusker / #GiveFirthTo / #TheEnglishPatient2

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