2.5/10 Also known by its original title and the title shown as the end credits began to role, “The Glass Room”, “The Affair” is a complete dud, no matter what name you give it. It is quite a shame since there are a couple elements that worked well, primarily the acting. Carice van Houten and Hanna Alström are our two main female protagonists and they are very convincing in the film. Other cast members put in solid work too but they either have minimalized screen time or don’t have much to work with in terms of the script, but neither of those issues are the fault of the individual actors. The production and costume designs work extremely well in recreating the time period and there is some breath taking lighting in terms of cinematography. However, all of the breath taking imagery and fine acting in the world can’t save an abysmal script and a bore of a movie. Coming in at roughly an hour and 45 minutes, “The Affair” is a boring movie, devoid of passion. The potential lesbian affair at the center of the movie doesn’t even play that big of a role seeing as how the two women are largely separated for most of the movie. When they are together, there is very little in terms of fiery passion and when they do embrace, we get a boring, anti-climactic sex scene. The payoff we waited for for so long is brief and boring but you will just be waiting for the movie to end at that point. We get large leaps forward in time but the director never puts the year on screen so we have no idea how far ahead in time we are jumping for context. Since the movie jumps over 20 years throughout its running time, our two lead characters age the same amount of time. However, the older woman makeup that they are given looks very fake and they don’t look like they’ve aged much in this supposed large span of time. Every subplot is a non-starter and the film makers want to touch on the politics of the day but they never go deep enough for any of it to matter. The movie is unoriginal, a slow drag to force yourself through and the characters aren’t developed enough for us to care. With the forbidden lesbian relationship genre becoming almost as overcrowded as the superhero genre these days, this is definitely the bottom of the barrel. If these movies are your thing, stick with something like “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” or “Blue is the Warmest Color” instead.

#TheAssRoom / #TheUnhappyHousewife / #DontCzechThisOut / #TheLastHouseOnTheReich / #BringingDownTheHouse2 / #WontWinAnOskar

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