6/10 Winner of Best Documentary at the Academy Awards, “My Octopus Teacher” is the story of a man who decides to go diving every single day to observe ocean wild life and finds an octopus that he befriends; as much as a human can befriend an octopus. There is a lot of beauty to admire about this documentary and a rather touching message, although our main human protagonist/narrator’s own personal story left a bit to be desired and lead to some problems for me. At the beginning of the documentary this guy talks about how he had an awful two years and didn’t feel like he could be a great father to his son because he was struggling with mental problems. So he decides to spend more time away from his son (there was no mention of wife that I recall so I don’t know if he is married, widowed, divorced, etc.?) and family to focus on the ocean. The guy seems to care more for this octopus than his own son and not only spends more time with the octopus but gets more emotional when talking about the octopus than his son. So while the ending message of the octopus basically teaching this guy to value life and be a better father was uplifting and a great note to end on, getting there with such little details as to his problems rubbed me the wrong way. If he was having mental problems because his wife died or left him or he lost his parents to cancer or something, it would have been great to know that so we could empathize with him. Some more details as to what caused two rough years might have made me appreciate his plight more so. However, the lack of details just makes it sound like this guy is being emo for no reason and dips out on his family responsibilities to hang out with an octopus. I was almost waiting for the guy to start making out with the octopus. All jokes aside, at one point the octopus latches onto the guy’s chest and his nipples visibly became hard which was…awkward to say the least. The guy was a little bit too much into this octopus. The underwater footage was beautiful and reminiscent of “Planet Earth” or other nature documentaries and the score was well done. The pacing was great as the movie is under an hour and a half. So there is a fair amount to appreciate and as I stated earlier, the ending message was a positive one, preaching kindness. I hope I don’t come across as feeling that our main protagonist is a bad or weak person. It falls upon the directors to show him in a certain light and make him a character we can root for and the movie doesn’t give us enough information to side with him because we don’t know what’s going on. He also swims without an oxygen tank but the movie never even tries to explain if he can just hold his breath underwater for an extremely long amount of time (Kate Winslet held her breath for seven minutes and 14 seconds while filming underwater for the upcoming “Avatar 2”) or if he has a very tiny, compact oxygen tank or how his snorkel device works. The movie just doesn’t go into enough detail in key areas that would have been informative and helpful. A decent movie but not worthy of the Oscar for Best Documentary of 2020.

#Inkheart2 / #HandleWithSquidGloves / #SendKelp / #DeepressionBlueSea / #Octopussy2 / #TeacherCreatureFeature

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