6.5/10 A film with an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing this and a film that when I went to the theater two different employees commented how I would be the only one in the theater since this film had been consistently empty since it came out. Suffice to say, my expectations couldn’t have been lower but since it was the last day in theaters, I figured I’d give it a shot since I tend to see everything anyways. To my great surprise, I found this to be decent (though not without its flaws) and started to do some digging as to why this film got such terrible reviews. Upon doing my own research and even looking through some moronic comments on YouTube from videos coming from this film, I found out the great sin this film committed was casting a non-autistic girl (Maddie Ziegler, the wildly talented dancer from Sia’s music videos) to play an autistic girl. Call me old fashioned, but I’m pretty sure that acting is pretending to be something you are not. This new, woke notion that only autistic people can play autistic characters, only women can direct superhero movies with female leading characters, only black directors can direct films about black people and so on, is completely ridiculous to me and just more people looking to play the victim and have lives that are so good that they have to seek out the littlest, most minute infractions to bitch about online and feign outrage. Anyways, since I don’t get offended by non-issues like far too many do (I’m guessing most didn’t even see this movie that they are complaining about if box office totals are any indication), I was able to review this film with a level headed mind. I don’t listen to a lot of modern music and tend to stick to the oldies from the 60s-90s but Sia is one of the few modern artists who I actually find extremely talented with catchy songs and the music in this film was fantastic with “1 + 1” being the standout song for me. The biggest flaw with this film that I found was that the story wasn’t very original. A character who has a family member or friend with some kind of disability (or a child) and suddenly has their life upended when they find out they are in charge of taking care of them has been done many times before in many different films. The character starts off not taking it seriously and is immature but then grows to love the person they are care taking for, grows up along the way and learns some valuable lessons. The story is nothing new but we get to see inside the mind of the autistic girl named Music as she sees music videos in her head where she dances with the people in her life. Many snowflakes complained that autistic people don’t think like that and that they would have sensory overload but this film clearly isn’t going for realism for these music video/fantastical elements so I found that to be a ridiculous critique. The cast really does a great job with Maddie Ziegler’s dancing of course being phenomenal, Kate Hudson starting off annoying but then developing her character and ending up as a sympathetic person and the real stand out for me…Leslie Odom Jr., who was the heart of the film. Odom Jr. is obviously very musically talented (just check out “Hamilton” and “One Night in Miami”) but it is more so his character than even his singing and dancing that brings some emotional weight to the film. The film runs a little long and a couple of the side character plot lines were rather pointless but the cast along with the phenomenal music and eye catching visuals make this a solid film, especially for fans of Sia and Ziegler. While not the most original film, the poor reviews and online hatred are nowhere near warranted. I’m glad I saw this and let the Music move my soul.

#AlmostAutistic / #FaceTheMusic / #WeFoughtAZu / #HowToLoseAJobIn10Days / #SiaAtTheMovies / #MusicToMusicsEars

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